Viewers will not get a new episode of This Is Us on Tuesday, January 30 on NBC due to the State of the Union address by President Donald Trump that will be airing on most networks. However, there is a big episode on the way set to air after Sunday night's Super Bowl game and fans are anxious for “This Is Us” spoilers. What is known so far about that Season 2, Episode 14 show?

'This Is Us' is ready to provide answers at last

The February 4 episode is titled simply “Super Bowl Sunday” according to TV Guide. Viewers were left with a major cliffhanger at the end of Episode 13 as they watched the Pearson kitchen go up in flames.

Those behind the show have previously confirmed that Jack Pearson's death will be connected to the fire in some way, and it has been said that the next show will finally reveal the circumstances of Jack's death.

The synopsis for the next show simply indicates that Randall will host a Super Bowl party, clearly in the present day, while Kate and Kevin reconnect with the past. Viewers know that the infamous Pearson fire also happened on Super Bowl Sunday and previews show that the family will be frantic as they realize they are in the burning house.

Fans have plenty of theories regarding the Pearson death

Just how does Pearson die? Those with the NBC hit have kept details close to the vest on this one, so no solid “This Is Us" spoilers have emerged with the full story. Some are convinced that Jack runs back into the fire to save the family dog, but others think that this idea is too obvious at this point.

There are also theories that Jack runs into the house to save Kate, as initially Jack and Rebecca thought she was at a friend's house, or he may try to save Kevin, as Jack didn't know that Kevin was staying overnight at Sophie's. Another line of thought is that perhaps Jack doesn't die in the fire itself, but either in the hospital from smoke inhalation or from something else that happens as a result of the fire.

Viewers should prepare for absolute heartbreak

No matter how Pearson dies, actor Milo Ventimiglia shared via Entertainment Weekly that the death will be “an absolute soul-crushing event.” Ventimiglia, who plays Jack, said that viewers will pick up on the moment where the tragedy will happen, and they'll apparently have reason to hope for a moment. Unfortunately, everybody's hearts will soon be crushed and Milo says there's no doubt it's going to be incredibly painful.

How does Rebecca end up with effects of Jack's that don't appear to be burned or damaged as she surveys the burned-down Pearson house? How can the writers manage to surprise viewers with the circumstances of Jack's death after so much speculation? “This Is Us” spoilers hint that everybody will be talking about this show after it airs and fans will not want to miss a minute of this post-Super Bowl episode.