This Is Us” viewers are reeling after Tuesday night's episode (Jan. 16) that seemed to incorporate significant clues related to Jack Pearson's death. Those behind the show have promised that the cause of Jack's death would be revealed before Season 2 ended and now many are wondering if this will play out in the next episode. Executive producer Isaac Aptaker is sharing some “This Is Us” spoilers and fans definitely need to brace themselves for what comes next.

Fans need to get ready for Jack's death

Aptaker says that he won't reveal exactly which episode reveals Jack Pearson's death, despite speculation that it comes during the January 23 show.

The “This Is Us” executive producer admits that they are trying to help fans prepare for the heartbreak ahead with all of the clues they've been providing in recent episodes and the big moment regarding the Pearson death is coming soon.

It has been confirmed that the Pearson house fire is connected to Jack's death, but star Milo Ventimiglia has previously said that none of the theories he has seen have gotten the plot exactly right. However, viewers see the heavy hints such as the circuit breaker issues and now the lack of batteries in the smoke alarm and they know that Kate feels responsible for her father's death for some reason. Clearly, these details will all come together to pave the way to Jack's passing, but the spoilers hint that there may be some twists and turns still on the way.

'This Is Us' won't throw in unbelievable resolutions

Aptaker assures fans that they aren't pulling any punches when it comes to the smoke detector issue, in that there is no convenient resolution coming in the next episode that eliminates its importance. TV Guide details that the January 23 show is titled “That'll Be the Day,” and viewers are speculating that the show title is a big hint that this will be the episode covering Jack's death.

If Pearson doesn't die in this show, the previews make it clear that it will be happening very soon.

Some might say that the writers and producers have a difficult path to navigate here when it comes to this Pearson death. On the one hand, they have been determined to keep “This Is Us” spoilers regarding Jack's death under wraps so it will be a surprise to viewers.

At the same time, the event needs to resonate as believable to the fans or people will explode.

Can the writers shock the fans at this point?

How does this all come together in a way that hasn't been widely speculated yet? Those with the show aren't letting the cat out of the bag, but “This Is Us” answers are definitely coming soon. How do you think Jack Pearson's death happens? Spoilers make it clear that there are intensely heartbreaking moments on the way over the next few episodes and people are bracing themselves for what's on the horizon.