Just hours after Donald Trump delivered his State of the Union address that was broadcasted around the world, another headline took shape. On the Tuesday night edition of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" adult film star Stormy Daniels addressed the rumors of her alleged affair with the president.

Stormy on Trump

It was earlier this month when the news broke of an alleged affair between Donald Trump and adult film star Stormy Daniels.

The affair reportedly took place in 2006, just one year after Trump married his wife Melania, who was pregnant at the time with son Barron. Details from the Wall Street Journal note that Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen arranged a pay out to Daniels of $130,000 back in 2016 so she could keep quiet about their previous relationship. In addition, In Touch Weekly went on to publish an interview with Daniels from back in 2011 where she elaborated on the "generic sex" the two had, though it did include Trump requesting being spanked with a copy of Forbes magazine. Commenting on these issues was Daniels who sat down for an interview on the January 30 edition of "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Joining host Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night was Stormy Daniels who had a few things to say about Donald Trump, though appeared hesitant to reveal too much information.

After Kimmel brought up the latest news that Daniels reportedly denied the rumored affair with Trump, the adult film star was careful with her words, but did say that she didn't know where the statement in question came from, hinting it was most likely made up on "the internet."

Due to a possible nondisclosure agreement, Stormy Daniels couldn't give too much info, but when Jimmy Kimmel painted a picture of the affair with Trump, she quickly grew disgusted.

"Ugh, I'm glad they didn't put food in my dressing room,' she said, before adding, "That isn't a pleasant picture you painted there.

Puppet game

In the second part of the interview, Jimmy Kimmel played the old debate clip where Donald Trump alluded to having a large pen*s due to having big hands. Kimmel then presented Stormy Daniels a choice of three carrots, one large and two small, and asked her to pick one in relation to the president's privates.

Kimmel then took out two puppets, one of Daniels and one of Trump, and played a Q&A game with the adult film star in an attempt to extract details about the alleged sex encounter, but little information was revealed.

Moving forward

While the extramarital affairs of Donald Trump still remain a mystery, Stormy Daniels' not-so-subtle jabs at the president only added to the speculation that the two had an affair at some point in the past. As of press time, neither Trump nor the White House have issued a response.