Music Mogul Quincy Jones recently did a shocking interview with "GQ" which has been published in excerpt by "Bravo TV." The 84-year-old icon made a startling admission when he bragged about dating 22 women simultaneously. He says they are scattered around the world and know about each other because he does not lie. Jones went on to say that his daughters have advised him not to date anyone younger than they are, so he does not see females under age 40. Even though all of his girlfriends are well over the age of consent, in this day and age of heightened awareness of sexual harassment Jones should be careful that his current lifestyle is not misconstrued or does not come back to bite him.

Jones needs to wake up to modern day thinking

With celebrities like Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, Matt Lauer and others being accused of abusing their power with women, it is interesting to believe that Quincy Jones would be bragging about his sexual prowess. Women over age 40 who willingly date a man who is seeing more than 20 other females are certainly old enough to make that decision and are not being harassed. Even so, Jones needs to wake up to modern day thinking and return from the stone age.

In the interview, Jones also spoke about Michael, Jackson, Frank Sinatra and how he was almost murdered by the Charles Manson gang. The bulk of the excerpt, however, is related to his bragging about his libido as he is headed towards his 9th decade on the earth.

Quincy Jones said he has girls in many worldwide locations including Cairo, Shanghai, Capetown, and Stockholm. Some may be offended by this considering the attitude in the nation regarding powerful business moguls and women.

Quincy could be setting himself up

Jones was quoted as saying that if his daughters did not stop him, he would date women younger than 40.

This begs the question of how low he would go? In 2018, an 84-year-old man who is an icon in the music business, boasting about wanting to date women younger than his daughters, is going to raise eyebrows. Quincy Jones may believe he is coming across as an older man who can still attract younger women, but others may see something completely different.

The "GQ" interview may raise a few eyebrows and could cause a backlash against Jones because of the many women admitting "Me too." The music mogul could be setting himself up without realizing it because that which was accepted as normal decades ago is no longer being tolerated in today's society.