The latest updates and spoilers for "The Flash" Season 4 reveal that Wally West a.k.a. Kid Flash will join the cast of "Legends of Tomorrow" soon. CW President Mark Pedowitz told BGN (via Screenrant) that DC fans and viewers will one day see Wally alongside White Canary, The Atom, Vixen, and the rest of the Legends. Keiynan Lonsdale's character has not been used in the fourth season leading to some fan speculations that he will be leaving the show and the "Arrowverse" for the live-action "Titans" TV series.

The CW Network also revealed the plot synopsis for Episode 12, teasing a new metahuman villain and character development change for Cecile.

A new 'Legend' member

According to Pedowitz, Wally West could be the potential replacement for Firestorm in the Legends team after Martin Stein's death in the "Crisis on Earth X" crossover. The other haft of Firestorm, Jefferson "Jax" Jackson, decided to leave the team and move on with his life in the midseason finale.

"You have to see Wally West show up in Legends," Pedowitz said. "You'll have to watch it!"

Kid Flash is not the only possible new recruit in "Legends of tomorrow" as John Constantine and Earth X Captain Cold are also being hinted to join the team. Wally has been a great addition to "The Flash" TV series, but the showrunners have not given Lonsdale enough to do this season.

Perhaps the producers felt that having Kid Flash on a different show will help him grow as a hero and a person, stepping out of the shadow of his predecessor, Barry Allen.

For now, the Legends crew is dealing with a new enemy called Mollus, as his presence will threaten the flow of time and existence.

Cecile has powers?

The CW Network released the plot synopsis for Episode 12 titled "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" and it revealed that Barry and company will fight a metahuman with shrinking powers.

Vibe and Elongated Man were struck by this meta's powers and they become small. Team Flash will have to think of a way to reverse the effects or they will continue to shrink.

The episode also revealed that Joe West's girlfriend, Cecile, will develop powers during her pregnancy. She will have the ability to read everyone's thoughts and they are worried that it may affect the baby she's carrying.

Barry will also meet a person with deep connections to his father.

Cecile and Team Flash will help Barry on the show's return as he is wrongfully accused of the murder of Clifford DeVoe. However, the real DeVoe transferred his mind to Brainstorm and wanders freely while his nemesis suffers.

"The Flash" returns on January 16 at 8 PM on the CW Network.