Mykelti brown Padron of "Sister Wives" may not be having children just yet, but she has brought home her own kind of little boy. It turns out that Tony and Mykelti just got a new little puppy and the two couldn't be happier about it. She has been posting on her Instagram and sharing the adorable little boy with fans. It looks like they got him around their one-year-anniversary. Remember that the show is behind a bit from what is going on now.

What little boy did the couple bring home?

It turns out that Mykelti and Anthony got a little puppy and he is adorable.

Mykelti thinks that he is super cute as well and wants to make sure she keeps sharing photos of him on her social networks. The two haven't been married long and fans thought baby news might be coming, but so far it looks like they just decided to add a puppy to the mix and see how things go.

The first video she shared of him was back in December, so it looks like they have had the puppy for about a month. His name is Spader, but Mykelti hasn't shared a lot of other details about her new little boy. She does seem like a very proud mommy to this little puppy right now. Taking care of a puppy can be hard work, but it looks like they are cut out for it and are figuring it all out.

How are Tony and Mykelti doing now?

On this new season of "Sister Wives," the fans are just getting to see their wedding planning, but the thing is they are already married. They got married a year ago in December. It is kind of crazy that the viewers are just now seeing all of these big plans when it happened so long ago. The show is behind on filming so that is why we are just now seeing it all.

Anthony and Mykelti haven't shared if they have any plans to have children of their own. Right now, they are doing well and seem to be very happy in their marriage. They added a puppy to the mix, but that is it so far. She is the second Brown child to get married and her sister already had a Baby Boy. Logan Brown is also engaged but hasn't shared details about his wedding just yet even though the fans have met his fiance on the show.

Do you think that Mykelti Brown of "Sister Wives" will end up having children soon? Do you feel like a puppy is a good trial run for the couple? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Sister Wives" when they air on Sundays on TLC. So far, the new episodes are going well and the fans are getting to see Mykelti and Tony as they are preparing for their big wedding.