Ever since “Jill & Jessa Counting On” ended in October 2017, fans are now wondering if the show will still possibly return. After all the controversies the Duggar Family has been through and the controversial Derick Dillard’s transphobic tweets against Jazz Jennings, the show’s future has been uncertain.

The family and the series’ home network, TLC, are both keeping mum about whether there will be a new season of “Counting On.” But, in a post on The Original Duggar Family Fan Blog, it revealed that the show is going to return for a new bunch of episodes in February.

Is the show returning?

The blog noted that after Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo’s announcement about their pregnancy, it was revealed that the Duggar family has more explosive news to reveal. “New episodes of ‘Counting On’ return to TLC Monday, February, 26th!” it said.

Although the family themselves and TLC have given no confirmation about this, fans believe it is real. Is “Counting On” really coming back? The blog post is run by Ellie and Lilly, the Duggar’s family friends. In fact, the clan often quotes the blog regularly. However, people should still keep in mind the fact that it is still a fan-made blog.

So, everything remains uncertain, unless its home network formally confirms and announces the show’s upcoming new season.

Also, the series’ IMDb page and website didn’t indicate a new chapter’s release date. There are not any promotions and advertisements for it. With that, fans should only take this announcement with a grain of salt.

The possibilities of the series’ comeback

There are swirling rumors that “Counting On” will be canceled because of various reasons – controversies, "19 Kids & Counting” cancellation, and declining ratings.

With that, a lot of viewers are slowly coming to believe that there will be no new season for the show.

But with the unofficial announcement and Jana and Joy-Anna Duggar being seen filming at a beauty salon near their home in Tontitown, fans are still hopeful. There are just about 2,500 people living in the town, so it is not unlikely that the residents will quickly know and notice if the show is in production.

However, the Hollywood Gossip reported that there was only a small camera crew spotted in the area.

With that, there are assumptions that the Duggar family will make a big transition from a full-blown television production to just a self-produced web series. This could be the reason there are no teasers and any other promotional materials for the “Counting On” new season.