Amber Portwood of "Teen Mom OG" is doing great and expecting another baby. Now, she is sharing Big News and OK! Magazine shared all of the details about what is going on. Amber has a new relationship and shared saying, "The future is bright for us." It looks like she is in a better place than she has been in a long time and that is promising.

What is Amber doing now?

It turns out that Amber Portwood has decided to start her own YouTube channel! This is exciting news for the reality star and will give fans a way to get even more updates on her. It is not set up just yet, but she will be sharing soon when it is so you can watch it.

She shared on her Instagram saying, "I will be starting a #YouTube channel to help bring awareness about people and their amazing journeys through mental health struggles. Please send questions and inspirational stories I can share to" If you have a story, Amber might end up sharing it on her YouTube channel with fans.

This is something that so many people need. The option to have someone to reach out to that can relate to what they are going through is amazing. It sounds like Amber Portwood won't be holding back at all on this channel either. She will give advice and talk about her past and current struggles.

How is Amber doing with her mental health?

Amber Portwood does seem to be doing great with her mental health right now.

After her split from Matt Baier, she stopped taking medications and not long after that Amber found out she was expecting a baby boy with her new boyfriend. The idea of stopping meds can be a bit scary, but it seemed to work out for her okay.

Amber admits that she thought she might have just been unhappy due to the way her life was going at the time.

She got off the meds and is doing okay without them. She is living a healthy lifestyle and should be sharing a lot about these changes on her new YouTube channel. The fans are going to love hearing it straight from her. She also says that having healthy people around you helps. Amber seems like she was open to the idea of taking the meds again if she needed them, but right now she is doing fine and focusing on her pregnancy.

Maybe Amber can help others work through issues and find the way to do things that works best for their lifestyle.

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