It turns out that Chelsea Houska has finally won the custody battle for her daughter Aubree. Radar Online shared the details about how Adam Lind won't have custody of his daughter at all now after his multiple assault arrests. Lind will still get to see his daughter, though.

Details on the custody hearing

The details are out and Adam Lind will get to see his daughter, but it “shall be modified to a visitation center.” That means Adam won't be taking her weekends or spending time alone with her. This is what Chelsea Houska has been fighting for the last few years and she finally won.

Aubree was spending every other weekend with Adam Lind's parents, but Chelsea shared that Adam wasn't spending very much time with her when she was there. They were to supervise the visits, but it sounds like instead, she was just spending time with her grandparents and Chelsea wasn't okay with the way it was going.

The grandparents aren't losing time with Aubree, though. They still get to see her just not as much. The information says, "One weekend a month Aubree will be with his parents from Friday to Sunday. Adam may not be present when Aubree is with Donna.” The other thing is that Donna, Adam's mom, will get to have dinner with her granddaughter at her school on every Tuesday.

New details on Aubree's last name

After a long battle, Chelsea Houska has finally won the custody of her daughter that she wanted. They have also changed Aubree's last name, which is a big deal. They didn't take away Lind, but it was reported that her last name will now be Lind-DeBoer. Chelsea is now married to Cole DeBoer and they have a son together.

This is why she wanted to change Aubree's last name.

Back on November 2, Adam Lind got arrested for domestic assault against his ex-girlfriend. That couldn't have helped him with his case at all. He has been in trouble with the law more than once, and Chelsea Houska just wants to keep her daughter safe. It has been reported that he wasn't making the time to see Aubree that he should anyway.

At this time, nobody knows how Adam feels about this change in custody. It would be interesting to hear his side of it, but he is staying quiet so far.

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