The Fans are really wondering the details of Amber Portwood's new baby. It turns out that some believe that this is Matt Baier's child. In Touch Weekly shared the details about why fans think the "Teen Mom" star is lying about the father of her child. There is a huge threat on Reddit that talks all about it and the fans are pretty sure that they have this figured out. Now, Amber isn't saying a word about the accusations.

Details of Amber's pregnancy

Amber Portwood recently shared the news that she has a baby boy on the way and she says that the baby belongs to her boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

The thing is right now, the fans aren't buying it and they actually think that Matt is the father. She announced the news back in November that she had a baby on the way. MTV even released a clip of her taking the pregnancy test. That gives everyone a pretty good idea of when she got pregant.

The timeline that has fans confused

So here is the timeline that has the fans confused. During June and July, Amber Portwood was filming "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition." This was the time that Amber decided she was done with Matt for good and ended up moving on to Andrew. She was with Andrew for sure in August, so if she got pregnant from him it was all pretty quick for her. She isn't even acting like there is any question at all of who the father of her child is, but fans aren't buying it just yet.

One thing to notice is that Amber Portwood probably didn't announce her pregnancy the day she found out. You also don't find out the sex of your baby right away. Most people are around 20 weeks when they find out. If she got pregnant in July like it sounds, she was probably still with Matt. Now, everyone is so confused on this and they do think that the baby is Matt's baby.

Amber isn't admitting that at all, though. The reality is she may never admit that to the fans.

There is a chance that she found out the sex of her baby pretty soon. They may have been able to see that it was a boy early on and that they might have announced it as soon as they found out. Sometimes this is revealed as soon as 16 weeks into the pregnancy.

Regardless, the timing is really close and fans would love to see a DNA result on this one. So far, Amber isn't speaking out about the accusations, but it is possible that she will pretty soon.

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