Leah Messer used to be front and center in the “Teen Mom 2” gossip ring. She made a lot of mistakes since joining the reality television realm, but now, things have calmed down. After two marriages and three kids, Messer has kept to herself for the most part. Dating rumors have circulated, and she did feature a date she had on an episode of the hit MTV show last season. Nothing serious has been noted, but that doesn't mean Leah isn't dating.

Social media blunder

Twitter has become a place for the “Teen Mom” stars to vent and share things they like.

Leah Messer often posts inspirational quotes or photos of her daughters. She has been lying down, chiming into drama minimally. Messer isn't overly close with her co-stars, but she does banter with Chelsea Houska and her dad, Randy, when given the chance.

Unfortunately, Leah Messer made a huge mistake recently. According to OK! Magazine, she tweeted a meme about date nights, with lists of appropriate activities. Some of them were cute like going to the zoo or getting your face painted, but others were awful. Messer didn't realize other suggestions included double suicide and beating up strangers. After being called out about what was said, she admitted she didn't read the whole list. The Tweet has since been deleted, but fans aren't letting it go easily.

Backlash isn't dying down

Despite the admittance of her mistake and apologies for not paying better attention, Leah Messer is still catching heat. Of course, this isn't shocking because she is one of the “Teen Mom” girls that has been criticized for everything she has done, even when there are good intentions behind things. Messer has made several bad decisions, but the meme was just a simple mistakes.

Followers have called her out for promoting drug use and self-harm, though that is a stretch. It wouldn't be surprising if Leah decided to take a break from social media for a few days. This has been blown way out of proportion, and she shouldn't have to be apologizing to every single tweet sent her way.

A new season of “Teen Mom 2” is reportedly being filmed and will air after the new season of “Teen Mom OG” is done airing.

The moms are incredibly busy, even when it is the “offseason.” Fans are hoping Leah Messer has found someone to date, even if it isn't too serious. Watching her grow over the last several years has been something inspirational. She could have given up, but she didn't.