Kailyn Lowry has lived her life in the public eye for the last several years. She began on “16 & Pregnant” and then was chosen to star on “Teen Mom 2” alongside three other girls. With the fame also comes some lack of privacy. Lowry has had to deal with her fair share of chaos from fans, especially when they don't respect her personal space. She lives in Delaware, not in the more protected areas of Hollywood. Kailyn is a reality star, but she lives like any regular person.

Scary situation

Currently, Kailyn Lowry is single. She has been divorced from Javi Marroquin for quite some time.

Since then, she has had two other relationships. Lowry welcomed her third child last year, and since then, she has become more cautious about her life. Earlier this morning, Kailyn Lowry tweeted about a scary occurrence that happened at her home. The “Teen Mom 2” star revealed she was woken up by the police pounding on her door. Apparently, her alarm had gone off because someone may have been attempting to enter her home. Lowry is rattled, though that isn't a shocking response.

Being a public figure can be unsettling at times. Kailyn Lowry revealed she has cameras around her home.

At some point, she will have to review the footage to see if there was someone really trying to enter her home. Of course, it could have been a fluke, but the breach of privacy is unnerving. Lowry has her three sons living with her. She is the only adult living in the home, and the thought that someone was bold enough to try to break in at night is scary.

Enjoying single life

Some fans have commented about how open Kailyn Lowry is with her fans on social media. She doesn't hold back, and that could be some of the problem. Whether she likes it or not, she is a target. There are crazy people out there, and sharing too much information will allow her to be vulnerable. Lowry recently talked about how she was enjoying the single life and sleeping in her bed alone.

Unfortunately, there are some unstable people out there who could have tracked her down and decided to pay her a visit.

As of now, there is no information about what happened or if Kailyn Lowry reviewed the tapes. “Teen Mom 2” fans have been wishing her well since she tweeted earlier this morning. Part of being a celebrity is needing to protect yourself. It looks like Lowry may need more than just an alarm system and security cameras. With having small children at home, there just isn't anything worth chancing.