scheana marie's former boyfriend may have been accused of cheating on her during a recent episode of the sixth season of "Vanderpump Rules," but according to the longtime waitress and actress, he's completely innocent. Months after the reality star split from Robert Parks-Valletta, she continues to defend the actor at every turn against the claims of her co-stars, including Katie Maloney and Kristen Doute.

In one of her latest interviews with Page Six, which took place on Tuesday, January 16, Scheana Marie said that it was frustrating to watch the cheating allegations play out against her then-boyfriend because not all of the conversations about the issue were seen.

In turn, she's felt the need to defend the honor of Robert Parks-Valletta because what the women claim happened at a nightclub in Los Angeles didn't actually happen.

Scheana Marie says Robert isn't a cheater

While Scheana wasn't actually there at the time the incident took place, the "Vanderpump Rules" star said she would continue to defend her ex-boyfriend because she is a "very loyal person." She also said that cheating would be out of character for Robert Parks-Valletta and noted that he "didn’t even remember seeing" the woman he allegedly kissed.

“I believe him 100 percent," Scheana Marie confirmed. "If he said it didn’t happen, it didn’t happen." As she explained, both she and Robert Parks-Valletta are very friendly people and can often come off as flirty to some.

"It’s unfortunate that the girl made it something it wasn’t," she added.

Scheana Marie claims the allegations against Rob are no big deal

While Scheana recently told her fans and followers on Instagram that Robert Parks-Valletta may have accidentally been lip-to-lip with the mystery woman, she said that any touching of the lips wasn't on purpose.

Instead, she continued, he likely attempted to greet her with a friendly kiss on the cheek and "maybe" touched her lips. Continuing to Page Six, she said that if she doesn't see a problem with what happened, no one else should be making a big deal about the incident.

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