The great news is here and the hit MTV show "Floribama Shore" is coming back for a second season. The fans can't wait for it and neither can the cast. Jeremiah Buoni spoke out Blasting News exclusively to explain how excited he is for the new season.

Details on season two

The details are slowly coming out about season two of "Floribama Shore." One big detail is that this new season will be a lot bigger. It was confirmed as the finale of season one aired that the show would be back for season two. It will air this summer on MTV and it will actually be a bigger season than the last one.

The first season only had eight episodes, but season two of "Floribama Shore" is going to have 20 episodes. The fans can't get enough of this show, so this is going to work out perfect. Everyone is going to love getting a bigger season this time.

This show was a huge hit for MTV with really big ratings in season one. They even used the show to announce the big return of "Jersey Shore." The new show will be called "Jersey Shore Family Vacation." You can assume that the entire cast will be back, but so far they haven't actually talked about the plans. Last season, there were eight people in the house plus fans and family who came and went from time to time. You could add in a few new cast members and still be okay, so everyone will have to wait and see how it ends up going.

Jeremiah shares his thoughts

Jeremiah Buoni can't wait for the new season of the show. He spoke out saying, "All I know is that they aren’t ready for this much awesomeness, this much dabbing, and this much good looks on television for this long! The fact that it’s so soon just has me even more amped." It does sound like they will start filming the second season very soon.

You never know if his brother Josh will make another appearance next season as well. During last season, Jeremiah had to teach them about himself so that he could fit into the group. He was homeschooled so they assumed that he was privileged even though that wasn't the case. He got along great with the guys.

Gus Smyrnios recently spoke to Blasting News as well sharing that he is working on getting in shape for season two even though he did just have an injury to his ankle.

These two will be back for sure and it should be a great season of the show.

Are you excited to hear that "Floribama Shore" is coming back for another season? Are you hoping for the exact same cast? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Floribama Shore" when it returns to MTV for another season.