The start of the year is always big in Hollywood as it's the awards season. Celebrities can dress in beautiful dresses and fancy suits and flaunt down the Red Carpet as flashing lights go off, and fans scream their names.

The 24th Screen Actors Guild Awards held in Los Angeles, 21 January, 5:00 PM PST, honor the achievements in film and television. This year will be the praising of selected movies and tv shows from 2017.

Award shows are always a big hit as celebrities are regularly in the news for their outfit choices. Sometimes they elegantly select the perfect dress for the occasion, and sometimes they make a terrible call and wow the crowd with their decision.

This year there has been some eye-popping and beautiful stylish dresses. As always there were some 'what were you thinking?' fashion choices.

SAG Awards - the best fashion choices

Among the best dressed is Halle Berry, she looks stunning in a gold dress with glitter across her whole outfit. It's low fitting, which makes Halle stand out in the crowd. For more elegance, a black tutu like material surrounds the waist area and falls down the length of her gown onto the ground.

Lupita Nyong'o dress was breathtaking, a tight fit strapless shiny silver apparel. What made it even more spectacular is the black feathered soft material falling majestically at the bottom and landing spaced out by her feet.

For a simple but still beautiful look, Mandy Moore pulled it off in a strap loose-fitting blue garment, which sparkles and a blue clasp purse to match.

SAG awards the ugly dresses

Sally Hawkins stands out as the worst dressed and here's why.

She looks like a symmetrical shape in an asymmetrical patterned getup with the same style colors repeated, blue, red, yellow, grey, white and light green. It's hard to tell as looking at it for too long will hurt your eyes.

Among the unfavorable was Molly Sims.

She's wearing a frock, which makes her look like she belongs in the Victorian era. The dress is blue with different layers of material and the worst; it's polka dot. An added disaster is the shoes, which are purple and don't match the dress.

SAG awards men dressed to impress

Daniel Bruhl looked like James Bond in his classy black suit. The shoes even shine in the bright flash of the camera. This look is overdone, but it always works well for men.

Alexander Skarsgard looked smart in his dark grey attire with a black buttoned white shirt and a bow tie. The men dressed smartly this year and wowed the crowd with their polished look.