"The X-Files", a long-running show, 1993 - present is a big hit with many fans worldwide because of its fascinating and weird storylines. Season ten aired on 24 January 2016, which excited many fans, as it was a long agonizing wait since season nine finished in 2002 and tv world's two famous FBI detectives, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder were back.

The last episode of season 10 left fans with more questions and hoping for another season. Luckily, on January 3 their prayers were answered when the latest season 11 aired.

Review - Season 11, episode one

Episode one started with a bang; an intense, action-packed episode focused on Scully suffering from blackouts due to strange dreams and memories.

As Scully suffers from the pain, Mulder is on a car speed hunt for Cigarette Smoking Man, a member of the secret group, who covered up the truth about the alien's agenda on Earth. Shockingly, he admits they're not coming anymore and have no interest in our planet's dwindling resources.

The episode ended with a twist and left fans infuriated. Is Cigarette Smoking Man the father of Scully's son? And where is William hiding? Due to this cliffhanger, fans hoped there would be answers to these questions in episode two, but sadly there wasn't.

Review - episode two, weird and intriguing

Episode two consisted of a bizarre and confusing plot about being in a virtual world after death. It started with Mulder And Scully sitting on the couch in an old run down house in a deserted forest. Fans have been speculating whether this suggests they now live together.

As they sit and watch TV, Mulder's phone lights up with static and a strange message, by Mulder's old friend, The Lone Gunmen, who died in season nine, episode 15.

It get's even crazier when soon after the static video, Russian men come barging in and try to shoot Mulder and Scully. Luckily, they escape and work together to solve the virtual world mystery.

Even though this episode has a confusing plot, it made fans happy, as it revealed Mulder and Scully's humor, Mulder's funny snapbacks, reported on Entertainment Weekly, "Who needs Google when you got Scully." Their relationship status was questionable as well, and viewers are trying to figure out if they're a couple or not.

Hopefully, fans, who have been waiting for years for this pairing to be official will be satisfied.

Will the remaining episodes answer questions and end the show rightfully? Or will it leave fans with a cliffhanger?