It looks like Mariah Brown of "Sister Wives" has decided on a new job that she can do from home. The reality star has been sharing on her Instagram page about what she is doing now. It looks like she is living a very active lifestyle and this goes along with the new line of clothing she is helping to promote. Mariah has been working out a lot and trying to lose some weight.

What is Mariah up to now?

She shared a photo of herself at the gym and explained that her entire outfit besides the shoes are from Zyia Active. As you can see, she also talks about how she is focusing on herself this year.

It may simply look like a gym post, but if you check out her Instagram profile there is a link to the site where she is a rep. You can sign up to sell under Mariah or even order your own clothing just like hers. Mariah seems very passionate about what she is doing now.

Her mom Meri Brown actually sells LuLaRoe clothing, so this does fit that she would try to do something similar. With LLR, you have the items in stock and sell them, but what Mariah Brown is doing looks like you order online and it is sent directly to your home so she can do her work no matter where she is at on her phone or computer. She has been posting about it a lot, but pretty much only with picture of her wearing the items.

What is she selling?

These clothes are a bit pricey, but Mariah Brown seems to love them. The site has sports bras, leggings and more for sale. Honestly, I have never heard of this company before so I don't know a lot about the quality of the product. The leggings run around $60, but the site has various prices for things.

Mariah Brown is also sharing a lot about her fitness journey on her Instagram.

This shows that the fitness clothing she is selling is actually a good fit for what she is doing now with her life. She started sharing about this new product back on November 24, so it looks like she has only been doing this for a few short months. Mariah Brown isn't afraid to share about it on her page, though. No news on how well she is doing with it or what else she is up to for work right now.

What do you think of Mariah Brown of "Sister Wives" and the new clothing she is promoting? Do you hope to see more of her on this season of the show? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Sister Wives" when they air on Sunday nights on TLC. Maybe Mariah will share a bit about her new journey and what is going on during future episodes of the show.