Leah Messer of "Teen Mom 2" has fans a bit worried about her after a recent Tweet that she deleted. Radar Online shared the details about why fans think Leah could be using drugs. She has denied drug use in the past, but this new tweet makes it sound like there is something to be concerned about with her. Of course, everyone called her out on it the second that they saw it.

What did Leah share?

There was a tweet of a meme that said, "Here’s a list of date ideas because you pulling up to ‘chill’ isn’t a date." Leah replied "yes" to this post. This list of date ideas had several normal ones on it like going to play putt-putt golf or taking a walk in the park.

The thing is the list had some pretty negative ones on it, too. It also said, "overdose on meth" as a date idea. There were also some other wild date ideas such as “shooting up a school,” “double suicide,” “running over people,” “killing infants,” “beating up strangers,” and “robbing the elderly.” These are some pretty crazy date ideas that most people would never even consider typing or replying to.

This list did get pretty wild. You have to wonder if Leah just accidentally said "yes" without reading it all or if she really would be into doing some of these crazy things. Leah later deleted it, but of course, people had noticed it before she did that and were going wild.

What did Leah have to say about it?

She did make it sound like she didn't read it all. A fan messaged her and said, “I don’t think you read them all,” Messer deleted the post and replied, “Omgosh some of those are really bad oh my.” More than likely she just glanced at it and didn't read it all. Fans do worry about Leah, though.

They want to make sure that she has her act together.

Leah Messer has been accused of drug use in the past. She was caught on camera with a moment that made it look like she was taking something. Her ex-husband Corey actually talked to her about it and she denied that there was any drug problem at all. The fact that this post said that she would "overdose on meth" has the fans wondering if there is something to be concerned about once again.

Hopefully, Leah is doing just fine and this is no big deal. At least she did delete the post after fans noticed everything it said and some of the things on the list were way worse than using drugs.

Are you shocked that Leah Messer replied to this tweet? Do you feel like she has been abusing drugs? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Teen Mom OG" when they air on Monday nights on MTV.