Ellen DeGeneres and Hoda Kotb are both two of the best-known and most beloved women in America, and both have recently taken on new roles. Earlier this month, NBC named Hoda Kotb as co-anchor on “Today” alongside Savannah Guthrie, and Ellen DeGeneres decided that she could fit in a nighttime gig hosting her new “Game of Games” spinoff from her featured audience games from her daytime show. It's a wonder that either of these ladies has any time to chit-chat, but it goes with the job, as they say, and Hoda Kotb flew cross-country on Tuesday, January 23, to share her joys of being a new mom and a new lead anchor.

Everything was all warm and friendly for the first few minutes. Ellen teased that it has to be hard for Hoda Kotb to lose out on some of her wine-drinking time with Kathie Lee Gifford until Kotb reminded her that she was keeping her seat next to Gifford for their popular fourth hour of the morning show.

The newly adoptive mom touchingly described the moment of 11:54 AM, writing it down as the moment her life changed forever with the news that “She's here,” regarding the beautiful daughter, Haley Joy, who she is raising with financier boyfriend, Joel Schiffman. The feeling is completely mutual about the marvelous transformation since becoming a family. Hoda Kotb related how Schiffman said “I don't need a day,” when she revealed her yearning to adopt, asking how he felt.

The warm and fuzzy talk soon turned more probing and competitive, when Ellen DeGeneres poked playfully at Hoda’s parenting skills. An impromptu game of “Rate My Baby” held some very unique criteria.

Up to the job

It was just minutes before Ellen DeGeneres inquired if Hoda Kotb was having a hard time going “cold turkey” from so many chilled glasses of those morning cocktails.

“I don't know how they gave you a baby,” she further insisted, leaving her guest doubled over in laughter. “I just take my time,” Hoda responded once words came. “It's a lot to just drop that habit,” Ellen jokingly closed that topic.

Hoda Kotb coming to the fore on today as anchor has been a boost to “Today” ratings in a big way, and baby Haley is up and toddling like a pro, so mom clearly can assure America and Ellen DeGeneres that she can multitask very well with full-time motherhood and still cover her media duties.

What’s the score?

The next portion of Ellen’s grilling got even more brutal. Ellen opened a game of “Rate My Baby” with photos of all the recent “Today” regulars’ babies being given scores by the host, who's never been a mom. Points were taken off because Savannah Guthrie's Charlie looked a little too scared of the camera, and was dressed as an “unknown fruit.” Dylan Dreyer's sweet son, Calvin, had a perfect smile for the camera, but a messy tray got a small deduction. Jenna Bush Hager had a lovely pose with daughter, Poppy, and President Bush #41, which earned extra points, even if neither one was looking at the camera.

When it came to Hoda’s Haley Joy, beautifully donning a bunny suit, Ellen was impressed that the attire was “still white” so points were granted for cleanliness.

Ellen has never had the challenge of keeping any squirming child in a stroller, but nonetheless, she saw fit to take points away for improper seating. All was well in the end, because “big bunny ears” brought a big boost in points, so Hoda and Haley were champs.

This parenthood playoff was the perfect way to fill in an afternoon with laughs, and both these ladies stay at the top of their game.