Everything Joy-Anna Duggar does suggests that she got pregnant before marrying Austin Forsyth. Fans of the Duggar Family "Counting On" Reality TV show have been debating unwed pregnancy but Joy seemed to confirm it in a video to Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo and by the "19 Kids and Counting" celebrity's baby registry.

Joy Forsyth poses conundrum

The "19 Kids and Counting" kid has given mixed messages and now appears to be downright lying. The "Counting On" Celebrities were going to get married in October, 2017 but bumped the wedding to May. Joy and Austin say they got pregnant on their honeymoon.

If they conceived on prima nocha (May 26) her due date at Mar. 2. However in a Duggar family video on Facebook, Mrs. Forsyth said baby would be six months older than the Vuolos', suggesting she would give birth in January or February. And the coup de grace--Joy lists Feb. 22 on her Amazon baby registry.

Duggars planning on C-section or preemie?

The only ways for the "Counting On" couple to have a February baby is if the child was born prematurely or if they were planning a C-section. There's no way to know a preemie's due date in advance. "19 Kids and Counting" Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar preach against C-section except in problem pregnancies like Jill Duggar Dillard's.There's been no mention of Joy being high risk, with placenta previa or preeclampsia.

In Caesarean, gestational diabetes or partial placental abruption doctors try to keep the baby inutero as long as possible. And that still doesn't address her huge belly.

Joy dispels multiples baby bump

From the beginning of the pregnancy, folks noted that the reality television celebrity had an XL baby bump. In every Instagram or Facebook post she looked farther along than she claims.

So aside from a massive case of maternal obesity which weight loss obsessed Michelle Duggar would never condone, what's left but that the teen mom was unwed and pregnant? Well, duh--twins, say loyal "19 Kids and Counting" fans. However the baby registry lists gifts for a single birth.

Another Duggar hypocrisy?

It's kind of funny how those unfamiliar with "19 Kids and Counting" family chastise talk of unwed pregnancy.

It's to be expected of "Counting On" fans who "forgave" Josh Duggar his pedophilia, cheating and molestation and told others to do likewise. However the anti-LGBT, anti-abortion, anti-dating Duggar family has styled themselves as models of modesty. They rail against fornication. But the reality TV stars' daughter seems to be bent on proving she has done this very thing. And that is what drives critics to fault the Duggars.