Actor Kevin Spacey is in the news again and this time, he is accused of being a racist. During the first year of the Netflix series, "house of cards," in 2012, Earl Blue, who heads VIP Protective Services, claims that Spacey refused to shake hands with his company's “pre-dominantly black employees,” and worst yet, Spacey allegedly stated, “I do not want n****** on my movie set anymore.”

Blue further alleges that Spacey went out of his way to ignore the black employees and was overheard telling his own personal security manager, during a showing of the trailer for “House of Cards,” “I do not want n****** watching my movie trailer.” When Blue spoke with the movie set managers about Kevin Spacey’s comment, he was informed that that “is just the way Spacey is and we need and have to keep him happy.” As a result, although producers were satisfied with their security work on the set, their security contract would not be continued, effectivity firing the security firm, the Daily Mail reported.

Allegations of VIP CEO

Blue kept the allegation under-wraps since 2012 but has recently opened up about what happened and plans to sue Kevin Spacey as his company has now lost millions of dollars in profit. An employee of the security firm, a supervisor, E. Lyles, substantiated Blue's assertions and also stated that Spacey declined to shake his hand or even acknowledge he was there. Moreover, Blue and the supervisor believe that many more have been discriminated against by Spacey, who has been in the news recently due to accusations of sexual assault by several men.

Blue, a U.S. Navy veteran, stated that he was a huge fan of Spacey but after what Spacey did, he said he is thoroughly disgusted by Spacey’s racist attitude and actions.

When the security contract was dismissed, Blue asked himself what he could have done differently. Blue further said in the end, he did everything right and he was just dealing with a “racist” man. He delayed saying anything about the incidents, but, after seeing others being harmed, he said it was time to disclose the incident publicly.

Blue stated that something didn’t feel right on the first day of filming "House of Cards" when he and Eric Lyles met Spacey for the first time. He said Kevin Spacey came out of a trailer and was introduced by the location’s manager, including a hired police officer, and said while Spacey was standing next to him, Spacey looked at him and Lyles, and then reached passed them to shake the hand of the police officer, as if they didn’t exist, and then turned and walked away.

The incident left Blue and Lyles feeling awkward.

While Blue’s security force is predominately black, Blue said that while he had a security employee outside of Spacey’s trailer, Spacey, when leaving, would ignore them and not even speak to them, but would acknowledge everyone else. “'He talked to all the police officers, laughing and joking with them,” Blue stated. Blue stated that he never had that type of an issue before with any other Hollywood stars. Other incidents occurred where Spacey, after leaving his trailer, would see them outside and would double-check to make sure his trailer was locked, and at times, checked to make sure the door was locked a second time or even multiple times a day.

“They are coming to an assumption about what type of person I am," Blue said. However, he said that he and his employees have a job to do, whether they are spoken to or not. Blue even rotated security personnel outside Spacey’s trailer but no matter what he did to accommodate him, Spacey would find something to complain about, even complaining about uniforms. He said they would change the uniforms and then Spacey would complain about where the guards were located.

VIP Protective Services contract ends

When the contract ended in April of 2013, Blue stated that he and others were summoned to a meeting in which representatives of KTK informed them that they did a very good job and that there were no complaints, no damage or thefts in keeping Kevin Spacey safe.

Then, Blue received a call where he was told that the contract was now null and void and would not be renewed although a provision in the contract required a remediation. Still, he was told that the powers that be decided, although they did get a check to cover two weeks even though the security firm didn’t work.

Blue stated that he has been in the film industry for two decades with his most recent projects including Marvel and Oprah Winfrey. However, his business has taken a hit since that time and have endured operating losses of revenue. In the end, Blue stated that he never really got a full explanation as to why the contract was terminated. The producer of "House of Cards" told Blue that his company and the services they provided were unsatisfactory and that he could not assist Blue any further, although another source told Blue that Kevin Spacey’s trailer, as well as the make-up trailer, were broken into, which Blue said was categorically false.

The Daily Mail reached out to Netflix and Media Rights Capital for comment and both refused to respond. No comments have been received from Spacey or his representative at this time, either.