Folks were so busy being aghast by "Counting On" Joy-Anna Duggar's possible revelation of unwed pregnancy that they missed another delicious tidbit. Josh Duggar spoke out on the Duggar Family's Facebook page for the first time since his epic pedophilia revelations ended "19 Kids and Counting." What prompted the fallen Reality TV star to open up and why did Anna Duggar seem so creeped out by it?

Josh Duggar is back?

So you know how Jinger Duggar Vuolo and husband Jeremy Vuolo are pregnant, right? You didn't? What rock do you live under? Anyway, never mind, because the Duggars will get you up to speed.

The "19 Kids and Counting" parents make sure to keep their celebrity family very much in the limelight, despite adultery, molestation, indecency, and fornication scandals. The "Counting On" clan posted a video congratulating the Vuolos, and guess who joined them? Josh and wife Anna Duggar. And wow, did she look nervy.

Joy-Anna Duggar makes everyone uncomfortable

Now, Josh's wife could have been feeling shy just because she's been off the radar, being unwelcome on TLC's "Counting On." The former "19 Kids and Counting" celebrity could also have been stressed by Joy-Anna Forsyth's slip of the tongue. The pregnant mom-to-be seemed to hint that her baby was conceived out of wedlock with Austin Forsyth.

In her congratulations to Jinger, she said that their babies would be closer than her due date suggested.

Josh Duggar gives odd greeting to Jinger

Joy's been showing signs of maternal obesity after her big weight loss and looks further along than she claims. She and Austin also mysteriously bumped up their wedding by a few months.

Well, the teen mom's" "bombshell" -- if that's what it was -- really gave reality television fans something to haggle over. But, it's surprising that folks missed Josh Duggar's speech because it was kind of a revelation in itself. The "19 Kids and Counting" star said that Jinger's kid will be able to play with his five "rugrats" (yes, Anna had another baby while he was in rehab).

Does that mean all is forgiven? How does Anna feel about that?

Did Josh hint at a return to 'Counting On'?

Last "Counting On" fans heard of Josh, he was suing the city of Springdale for leaking his name as the molester of Jinger, Joy-Anna, Jill Duggar Dillard, and Jessa Duggar Seewald. His sisters of "19 Kids and Counting" were also suing but wanted no part of him in their lawsuit. That would hint at tense relations among the Duggar family celebrities. But, Josh's cozy playdate ideas make one think that he has plans to return to TLC. Jim Bob Duggar has certainly been angling for that, and it would make Michelle Duggar so happy, but what about everyone else?