On the season 2 premiere of "From Not to Hot" Honey Boo Boo discovered Mama June in a mega-guilty secret. After her jaw-dropping weight loss and the nasty breakup with Sugar Bear, June Shannon is exploring a new lifestyle. What it includes has HBB Alana Thompson scared and her dad and new wife lawyering up.

Mama June, pageant queen?

June Shannon is unpacking life after gastric bypass surgery on "From Not to Hot" and admits to being a little scared. In fact, the Reality TV diva says life is harder since bariatric surgery, bodacious plastic surgery makeover, breast implant and tummy tuck.

Mama June claims that Internet persecution has her feeling insecure even after shedding two-thirds of herself. Now, Gina, the agent is pressuring for something Shannon never expected--pageants. And not for Honey Boo Boo but June herself. However, Alana and Pumpkin have more than mamas and tiaras to worry about.

June Shannon caught in a lie?

In the "From Not to Hot" season 2 episode opener, a very bedazzled June Shannon heads off to bingo and raises the suspicions of Honey Boo Boo and sister Pumpkin. So the reality television stars decide to trail mom, with shocking results. It seems their celebrity parent is meeting a man. They hilariously confront June who has been sneaking around with her new boyfriend Geno Doak.

Why the secrecy and does it relate to her ex getting legal advice?

Jennifer Lamb goes for the jugular

Despite their obligatory conjugal frolics, something is missing between Mike Thompson and Jennifer Lamb. And what he wants, Mrs. Sugar Bear provides. When her offers of "dessert" in the bedroom fail, Jen finds that her husband misses Honey Boo Boo.

But after his epic reality TV meltdown on "From Not to Hot" and vicious attack on Pumpkin Shannon, Mama June is keeping Alana far from him. They get a lawyer and Lamb threatens June. Previews hint that they may even kidnap HBB.

Jen and Sugar Bear angling for the reality show?

It's funny how Jennifer and Mike seem to hate Mama June so much.

Yet they exploit her reality TV show. Youtube viewers suggested that the couple should get a room after being forced to watch them make out on WETV "From Not to Hot." But what they may be after is their own show. The cuddly celebrities may be too much for clean-cut TLC. But Jennifer could quality for the anti-obesity show "My 600-lb Life." Folks are saying that Honey Boo Boo might too if she doesn't start working seriously at weight loss.