Twins John-David and Jana Duggar turned 28 recently and the Duggar family celebrated their birthday in separate and unequal ways. On the family trip to Australia, Jana was humiliated by Jim Bob Duggar in front of a church crowd, while dad bragged up his son. John-David stayed home while his "19 Kids and Counting" sister was snubbed by "Counting On" siblings regarding birthday greetings. But, love is in the air for someone on the Reality TV show.

Jana Duggar roasted by parents

Jana got a celebrity roasting by her father, ribbed that she was still single and praying for a husband.

Everyone laughed at that except maybe the birthday girl. Meanwhile, Michelle Duggar was quick to remind everyone that John-David Duggar is a pilot. No mention was made of Jana's entrepreneurial endeavors. "Counting On" fans weren't amused by the joke at her expense, especially when the Duggars use her as a family factotum. At least John-David got a party, sort of.

Who's dating now?

That any father would embarrass his daughter is egregious enough, but to advertise that she is single makes Jim Bob sound like a dating agency seeking a mate for her. There have been rumors that the reality television star and Caleb Williams are dating, but those are tenuous at best. That said, romance may have found another of the "Counting On" Celebrities.

Josiah Duggar appears to be sweet on a girl named Lauren Swanson, as per a Facebook post.

'Counting On' girls radio silent on social media

Instagram divas Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald are quick to show off their young, whom Jana Duggar has helped raise. The "Counting On" sisters and their husbands Derick Dillard and Ben Seewald are active on Twitter.

Yet, the only birthday greetings came from the Duggar family Facebook page. Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo were in Australia with the others. The Facebook post showed a party thrown for John-David by Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth but nothing about any shindig for Jana.

John-David celebrates odd birthday party

While Jana was minding the "19 Kids and Counting" down under, an uncomfortable John Duggar was shown with Jill and Derick Dillard, Joe and Kendra Duggar and some unfamiliar kids at the home of Joy-Anna Duggar.

Some "Counting On" fans wondered if they were at Josh Duggar's house and if the boy might have been one of Anna Duggar's. Jana didn't have much to be jealous of: folks said Derick looked stoned and Jill looked manic. Joe Duggar stared at his phone and John-David read paperwork related to his birthday gift, which appeared to be a blood pressure monitor or glucose meter.