Although some fans saw it coming, a lot of Fifth Harmony fans were in shock when it was announced that Camila Cabello would leave Fifth Harmony back in December 2016. Following a plethora of artists who started in a group or band and then went solo, her first year as solo artist turned out to be better than expected. From releasing her first album to having her photos on billboards all around important cities, we can say it was the right decision. Now, in her interview with the New York Times, new revelations were brought to light.

Collaborating with Shawn Mendes

The first straw that started this dispute was Camila making a song with Shawn Mendes called "I Know What You Did That Summer" in November 2015. Personally, the is one of my favorite songs, and the music video generated a lot of views, 244,511,354 at the time of this writing. Although this song only hit the Top 20 on the US Billboard Hot 100, it was a bigger hit in other countries like Norway and Canada, according to Wikipedia.

Back to December 2016

Camila was on the verge of leaving Fifth Harmony because of her ambitions of connecting further with her songs and being part of the creative process, which she could not fully accomplish with Fifth Harmony. She also met with a few big names producers, making matter worse.

After being given the ultimatum between staying with Fifth Harmony and being unable to write songs for the group, or going solo, she chose the latter. A lot of drama revolved around the decision, as she was, arguably, one of the favorites in the group. Different points of view regarding what happened also came to light.

Writing her first solo album

Sleepless nights and a lot of work went into writing and choosing the songs for her album, called "Camila." "Havana" became number one in several countries and its success made the song the lead single.

Songs on her album also include "Never Be The Same." She was also featured in other songs like "Hey Ma" and "Know No Better."

What's new?

In her interview with the New York Times, she goes on about how she wanted to explore a solo career, and that her fellow group members knew about it. After finding out it was impossible for her to do solo stuff and still be in the group, she turned things around, to the point that she wrote every song on her solo record.

Although some fans may still be sad over her leaving the group, the fact that she now has a thriving solo career is certainly something of a silver lining.