Jeremy Calvert is no longer filming "Teen Mom 2" with Leah Messer, as he would primarily film with her when they were married. Now that they are divorced, he only makes appearances on the show in relation to Adalynn whenever he comes to pick her up. Plus, Jeremy appears to be so busy with work that he doesn't really have time to film with Leah whenever they are together. However, it appears that some people believe they want to get back together and they are hoping that Jeremy will work on his career so he can spend more time with Leah and his daughter Adalynn.

While Jeremy himself hasn't said anything about slowing down at work, it appears that he is spending some time with his daughter during the Christmas break. On social media, Jeremy shared some photos of Adalynn, which included her getting cozy in front of the fireplace and her sleeping in a huge bed. According to a new Instagram post, Jeremy Calvert is loving the extra time he gets to spend with his daughter and it sounds like Leah Messer can only be happy that her daughter gets some time with her father.

His job is toxic

On "Teen Mom 2," Leah Messer revealed that Jeremy's job was toxic. She didn't mean this in a health-related way, but more in the way that it's taking him away from his family and his daughter.

It's no secret that Jeremy loves spending time with his daughter whenever he's granted the chance. He will often tweet about seeing his mini-me and Leah has even surprised her daughter with a visit from her father, as shown on "Teen Mom 2." But this toxic comment could mean that Leah really wants Jeremy to change his work around so he gets to spend more time with his daughter.

Surely, she didn't mean it in a positive way.

What's the deal with their relationship?

On the "Teen Mom 2" reunion special, Dr. Drew asked Jeremy if they were getting back together. Fans weren't sure why he asked them that, but it's possible that their co-parenting was going so well that Dr. Drew felt it would be a good idea for them to get back together.

However, Jeremy felt awkward having the conversation, while Leah couldn't help but laugh. It sounds like they have no plans of giving it another shot, but it also sounds like they may be open to whatever comes their way. Maybe they are open to romance now that they can co-parent.

What do you think about Jeremy Calvert finally spending some time with his daughter? Do you think it's good for her that he's finally home from work?