Leah Messer is putting her children first after a few years of turbulence. When she was married to Jeremy Calvert, Leah learned that her ex-husband was planning on going after her children and gain full custody, as he was concerned that Leah was doing drugs. She later revealed that she was suffering from depression and anxiety and had no drug problems. She's been focusing on herself, her school, and her daughters ever since and it appears that she's become a hands-on mother. On Instagram, she's often sharing photos and videos of her daughter and this weekend was no different.

However, when Leah opened up about her daughter's cheering competition, people went crazy.

According to a new Instagram video, Leah Messer is getting slammed for letting her oldest daughter Aleeah wear so much makeup. In the video, Aleeah is clearly wearing a lot of makeup, but as many of her followers point out, it was for a cheerleading competition. The "Teen Mom 2" star would never let her daughter wear that much makeup at school.

Cheer competition

Even though Leah Messer didn't clarify all of the details, it's clear that Aleeah is coming back from a competition where everyone, not just her, wore a lot of makeup. While some of the followers revealed they thought Aleeah looked beautiful, others thought it was odd that Leah would let her wear so much makeup.

Of course, Messer may not have a choice but to let Aleeah wear the makeup for competition.

Some of Leah Messer's followers revealed that they would never let their daughters wear that much makeup, even if it may be for a cheerleading competition. Many other mothers pointed out that they were the authority and they would put their foot down when it came to their daughters' looks.

However, Leah may have given her daughter permission to wear this much makeup. If fans remember Leah's "16 & Pregnant" episode, she was a part of this world and she would surely know the boundaries for makeup.

Often a target for other mothers

But it seems like Leah Messer can't do anything right when it comes to her followers.

At times, Leah is often doing things for her daughters, but people will say and do just about anything to bring her down. It seems odd that people are so judgmental of her, simply because she may have different rules for her daughter than other people. However, Leah has learned to deal with the criticism and she doesn't seem to take it too personally.

What do you think about Leah Messer letting her daughter wear so much makeup?