The Cash story arc continues from last week on "grown-ish." EW let us know ahead of time that Tracee Ellis Ross' Rainbow Johnson would make an unannounced visit to check on Zoey and see what's going on with her, and this episode upheld that promise. While Zoey's future in college remains uncertain, the actress that portrays her, Yara Shahidi, is not in the same mindset. An article from Glamour revealed that Yara herself is very committed to getting her education at Harvard, and will be majoring in Social Studies. Will Shahidi's alter ego be able to become as committed to college as she is?

Let's find out:

Zoey 'becomes a woman' and the twins need jobs

Zoey says that she's in love (she notes she's said this before, but she's for real this time), and wants to specify that it's not familial love or awe-struck love (i.e. Beyonce's "Lemonade" visual album), but romantic love with Cassius Mooney! Her first love, and her first "everything" (so does this mean that the two have done "the deed?"). During their lovey-dovey text messages, Zoey's mother Rainbow calls her. She returns to her room and after some quick interrogating, Zoey does confirm to Ana that she lost her virginity to Cash and that she's in love.

Ana worries that Zoey will get "pinga" (a.k.a.

penis) crazy, and spend every waking moment with Cash instead of her friends. Zoey assures her otherwise. In the meantime, she's watching Cash get interviewed on national television when he points her out and says he won't go anywhere without her. Cue the sound of hard car breaks. This relationship just got super serious all of a sudden.

Can Zoey handle it? Meanwhile, the twins are told to get a job after they talk about needing more money.

Zoey has a lot to think about, and Bow makes a surprise appearance

Zoey asks Cash to clarify what he meant, and he says he wants her to be the Ayesha to his Stephen Curry. He says he wants her to go wherever he is, and once he's drafted, she'll have to uproot her life.

It's a lot for Zoey to take in, and she says she'll think about it. Zoey talks to Vivek, Ana, and Nomi about the latest development in her relationship. Vivek is pro "chasing pinga" while Ana warns Zoey against the idea. Zoey says that she has six months to think about it, and Ana asks her if they're still even going to be together by that time. Nomi is still upset with Zoey because she feels like she's been blowing her off (which she has, she's been ignoring her texts about her own relationship problems), and tells Zoey she can follow Cash since she's already attached to his hip. On her way back to her room, Zoey's shocked when she sees her mother Rainbow in her dorm.

Bow was tired of her blowing off her phone calls, and comes to see her.

They talk about everything including her relationship with Cash and how he wants her to leave with him when he's drafted. Rainbow asks if she said no, and...crickets. The B plot continues when the twins reveal that they're selling track gear to students for money because the school replaces it for free. What can possibly go wrong there?

A first love ends and the twins get busted

Rainbow is fuming over the idea of Zoey throwing everything away for a guy, and that she is way too young to make a decision like that. She reminds her that she's so much more than a basketball girlfriend. Zoey agrees, she still wants to design and run Vogue, so Bow asks her why she's letting Cash get in the way of that.

A stressed out Zoey reiterates that she has no idea what she's going to do.

Zoey and Cash are in bed watching shows on their laptop when Cash admits his coach thinks he wants him to focus more on the game and not his girl. Cash is pleasantly surprised when Zoey says she will come with him, but then when he starts to tell her what life will be like as a pro...things get real. Zoey asks Cash if he's 100% sure he wants her to come with him, and he hesitates. This angers Zoey, as she notes that she was ready to risk it all for him and asks him to leave. With a "goodbye" from him, this looks to be the end of Zoey and Cash's love affair.

The Dean visits the twins and notes that they've broken several rules (including the Honor Code) for selling their gear, and they apologize because they need money.

The Dean is sympathetic to their issues and remembers the several odd jobs he held as a freshman in college (including an amateur magician). They have 100 hours of community service as punishment, but he'll pay them eight dollars an hour to paint fences.

In the end

Nomi walks in on a crying Zoey, and although she pretends not to care, she caves and asks her what's wrong. She finds out that they broke up and she apologizes to Nomi for being selfish. Nomi admits she's glad she's sticking around because her life wouldn't be the same without her. Zoey may have lost her man, but she got one of her best friends back, and that's usually how it goes in the world of young love.

This was another great episode and the Cash storyline seems to be over. Whether Cash will ever return, or if this means that Aaron and Luca have a shot with Zoey again, you'll have to keep watching to find out. Catch "Grown-ish" every Wednesday at 8PM on Freeform.