Chris Lopez is Kailyn Lowry's third baby daddy. He has not appeared on “Teen Mom 2,” but his name is referenced quite frequently. Lowry shaded Lopez on Twitter and that didn't sit well with Lopez. It looks like he knows just how to get under her skin. Why not use someone she dislikes a lot and try to holler at her? It looks like Chris is taking a page out of the Javi Marroquin playbook.

Twitter beef

Every time you turn around, one of the “Teen Mom” stars is going off on Twitter. Kailyn Lowry recently ranted about Chris Lopez doing nothing for his son.

While she didn't call him by his name, she definitely made it known it was him she was addressing. It is public knowledge that she has a good relationship with Jo Rivera, Isaac's dad. Javi Marroquin and Lowry are back and forth, but he takes care of anything Lincoln needs. By process of elimination, Lopez was who she was upset with.

While he wanted to remain under the radar, Chris Lopez is sitting at 13k followers. Of course, everyone followed him to be nosy because Kailyn Lowry was private about him. According to In Touch Weekly, he is fighting back and commenting on why he was talking about Briana DeJesus. When confronted by a follower, he explained it was a joke. He isn't interested in another reality star, but it was apparent he knew that message would be received by Lowry loud and clear.

While she doesn't seem to be heartbroken their relationship is over, she does want her son to know his father.

Chris isn't slamming Kailyn

Despite the things she has said about him, Chris Lopez hasn't fired back.

It appears that he is uninterested in the drama that Kailyn Lowry brings. He was adamant about not appearing on “Teen Mom 2.” Through hints she dropped, the public was able to figure out that Chris was the father of Lowry's third son. There is definitely some bitterness between the former couple. Rumors circulated that Kailyn told him that she was unable to get pregnant.

Shortly after they hooked up she ended up pregnant with her third child. This was also right after her split from Javi Marroquin, which has become a sticking point for some fans who have called her out on it.

It is unlikely the two would ever reconcile at this point. Kailyn Lowry is busy slamming him on Twitter and Chris Lopez is busy not caring about who says what about him. While viewers aren't shocked the two broke up, they are sad that Lopez isn't stepping up for Lux and taking care of his responsibilities.