For those who aren't in the know yet, Variety revealed that "grown-ish" has been renewed for a second season! Not only that, but the season will consist of 20 episodes instead of 13. That means Zoey and her Breakfast Club 2.0 group of friends will be around for another year! With that awesome news out of the way, here is a quick recap of last week's episode. Zoey and Cash bonded through tutoring and while there was chemistry, things seemed to have cooled down a bit when it was revealed that Cash ended up having someone else take his exam for him.

So, what happened this week? Let's see:

Don't feed the trolls

Cash's good luck streak has continued as he helps win another game for the school. As time has passed, it's revealed that he and Zoey have gotten close, showcasing their relationship all over social media as people do. When trolls insult Zoey in Cash's comments, inferring that she's promiscuous, he fires back, saying that she's a virgin, thus angering her due to him putting her personal business out there. Has this short-lived romance bit the dust?

She asks the crew for advice, and the twins tell her to cut him loose (Vivek says dump him after she attends her birthday party), and Zoey subsequently blows him off. Luca provides a different perspective.

Most girls dating athletes have to worry about STDs and infidelity, so why is she worried about this? He also adds that he's dealing with some personal issues: his father was caught auctioning off his old high school sports memorabilia.

In the meantime, Nomi comes looking for Zoey but finds Ana instead.

She tells her that she had to break things off with Big Dave, the guy she met last week, due to her not being able to accept the fact that he's bisexual, despite her being bi herself.

The truth comes out

Zoey tries to go talk to Cash as soon as she heard, and while he rebuffs her when she apologizes, she decides to tag along with him as he goes.

She doesn't know where they're going at this point (which is the perfect way to describe the state of their relationship right now). After an awkward silence, Cash admits he purposefully posted the fact that she's a virgin because it's "good for his brand." It rightfully pisses her off. What does that mean? He tells her that she comes from a good family, has a good head on her shoulders, and is beautiful. Considering his less-than-stellar background, he never thought he'd have a chance with someone like her, and she ponders his statement.

She eventually admits that she liked that he did it, and while it wasn't right, being with Cash makes her feel special and he made her feel special by defending her.

She admits that she thinks he's the one out of her league, not the other way around. She asks him if he'd want to be with her if she wasn't a virgin, and he honestly doesn't know if he would. In return, he asks if she'd be with him if he weren't up for being the number one pick. She says that she doesn't know either. It looks like some hard truths are coming out, and the state of their relationship continues to be unknown.

Nomi faces facts and Zoey pops off at the party

Meanwhile, Vivek's birthday party is a total dud. Nomi's still sad about Big Dave, and Aaron tells her essentially that men can't be bi, only gay. Nomi doesn't agree with this statement, and it causes her to reflect on why she dumped Dave in the first place.

She goes to see him and admits that it feels different when it comes to bi guys and bi girls. She acknowledges that she's a hypocrite and questions how she'd be enough for someone who is also into guys. He bites back that she's insecure.

Cash arrives at his father's house and Zoey watches from his car as he hands him a bunch of money. Zoey arrives awfully late to Vivek's party and apologizes for her absence. They all begin to trash-talk Cash because she's been so clingy. As a result, Zoey goes off on the twins, Ana, and Aaron (especially Aaron, apparently). They apologize for their actions, and Zoey tells them that none of them know the real Cash and that she didn't really either until tonight.

In the end

Zoey and Cash meet up one last time and Cash says that he likes her for more than just virginity (and she likes him for more than just being a basketball player). They have a really cute moment together, and it officially seems like their relationship is back on. All is right in the world of Zoey and Cash...for now!

This was another great episode that gave depth to both Cash and Nomi, who had the B-plot for the second week in a row. I'm looking forward to getting more character development for Aaron, Luca, Ana, and Vivek as well.

For those who weren't sure, in an interview with TV Insider, the actor that plays Cash (Abraham D. Juste, who goes by da'Vinchi), stated that his character will continue to appear in future episodes, become closer with Zoey, and absolutely become a contender for her heart as time goes on. You Team Cash fans can now rejoice. Tune in to the next episode next Wednesday at 8 p.m. on Freeform.