Spoiler alerts indicate that Friday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" will be one that is filled with drama surrounding Devon's ex and his new protege. On Wednesday, Tessa was having writer's block and unable to pen a new hit song. Things were made worse when Noah tried to reunite her with her former best friend. When Mariah walked away, Tessa spotted her journal on top of her handbag. She grabbed it and later was seen reading through it. Devon will have Tessa sing her latest work on "The Hilary Hour" and Mariah will realize that her missing diary was the inspiration.

She will then attack her ex BFF on live television.

Mariah is frustrated with Tessa

Mariah is frustrated because she believes Tessa is not being true to who she really is, and that she is not in love with Noah as she proclaims. Ms. Copeland keeps trying without success to force her former friend to admit where her feelings of love are really directed. She is becoming so frustrated that she is writing things down in a journel. On Wednesday and Thursday, she searched high and low for the missing notebook without a clue regarding who took it and why.

Ms. Copeland tells Sharon that the journal has things written in it that she would not want anyone else to read. All the while Tessa is thumbing through it in hopes of gleaning something to base a new song on.

According to Soaps She Knows, Devon is going to force his protege to go on "The Hilary Hour" to promote her new music. As she is singing Mariah will realize that the words from the pages of her journal have been stolen and Tessa is singing them to the talk show audience. She is going to go ballistic and verbally assault her brother's girlfriend.

Mariah has been violated

Mariah poured out her heart to Tessa, expecting the woman she is carrying a torch for to reciprocate. Instead, Ms. Copeland found herself rejected and her former BFF in denial. Now, Tessa has the audacity to steal her innermost thoughts and put them in a song while denying her true feelings. Spoilers say that Mariah's world will be turned upside down because of this betrayal, so much so that she cannot contain her feelings on live television.

Soaps She Knows did not indicate how this will turn out but it's possible the chaos may force Tessa to come clean about her emotions. Sadly, Devon and Noah are caught in the middle and have no idea what is really going on. Stay tuned weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM for more episodes of "The Young and the Restless" to find out how this situation plays out.