On Wednesday's episode of "The Young and the Restless" Dina was distraught when Graham told her that John Abbot was dead. She panicked and called Jack who later showed up at her hotel room. She mistook him for his father and said she was happy that he was alive. When she was out of hearing range, Jack announced to Mr. Bloodworth that his marriage to Dina would be annulled within two days. Later as she was sleeping, Ms. Mereron's spouse attempted to inject her with poison. She woke up and began fighting for her life, and turned the tables on her husband when she caused him to stab the syringe into his own arm.

Graham was desperate as he knew his days were numbered

Dina's Alzheimer's disease has had her very confused lately and her husband has been taking full advantage of the situation. He was trying to convince her that he was her only salvation and insisted that John Abbot is dead. Dina became frantic and called Jack who rushed right over to her hotel room. Once she saw him she mistook him for John again. After she calmed down, Graham and his stepson had a talk in which Jack assured him the marriage would be annulled within two days.

Graham became desperate as he realized he had only a short window of time in which to operate. He took out the vial that he had stolen from Ashley's lab and extracted the contents with a syringe.

Once his wife fell asleep he had decided to kill her then, but she woke up. Dina began fighting for her life as her spouse attempted to murder her. Suddenly both of them had surprised looks on their faces and, as the camera lowered, viewers could see that the syringe was sticking out of Graham's arm.

Dina turned the tables on her spouse

Although the camera did not show it take place, it appears that Dina turned the tables on her husband and caused him to inject himself with the poison that was meant for her. If Graham dies, there will be several situations that need to be addressed. On Tuesday he made sure to get Ashley's fingerprints on the vial that came from her lab.

This indicates he wanted to frame her for a mercy killing of her mother.

On Wednesday, Graham again wore gloves and Dina never touched the syringe so only Ashley's prints will be on the bottle. Dina could have a lucid moment and tell all or Jack and Ashley may arrive in time to figure out what took place. The GCPD may consider this self-defense but if Graham lives he could lie to get his stepdaughter in trouble. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM on CBS.