The girls on "Teen Mom 2" don't always get along. Even though they don't normally film together, they run into each other at reunions and of course, they talk to each other on social media here and there. That leaves the fans wondering who is friends and who isn't. Now Briana DeJesus is speaking out about her friendship with Jenelle Evans. Briana exclusively talked to Blasting News about how these two get along.

Briana shares the details

Briana DeJesus actually shared that things are pretty good between here and Janelle. She said, "Jenelle has Always been nice to me and that's why I called her to ask for help with my surgery.

She's always sincere and even though she wasn't able to help she's been a good friend to me. She's the only one on the entire cast who wasn't fake and has treated me nicely. She always checks up on me and I appreciate her." It is great to have someone on the show that you get along with so well and has to make things a lot easier for her. Jenelle had to make the move to "Teen Mom 2" a bit easier on her.

Briana has praised her in the past

This isn't the first time that Briana DeJesus has had great things to say about Jenelle Evans. The Hollywood Gossip shared that Briana had revealed that she thinks all the cast of "Teen Mom" sucks except for Jenelle. She didn't have anything bad to say about her at all.

They had been filming the "Teen Mom 2" reunion and Briana went to Twitter to say that Jenelle was the only one not acting "fake." She even said at the time that Jenelle has never done anything "shady" to her. She had no reason not to like her at all and these two just get along.

At the time, she said "She's cool alongside David ...

they welcomed me with open arms. The others had a guard up and it's understandable because their loyalty sided with their friends, but it's still fake to choose sides." It does look like Briana has found someone to be on her side and help her through all the little fights, but you never know what will happen with this group of girls.

Hopefully, these two continue to be friends and help each other out.

Are you surprised to hear that Briana DeJesus and Jenelle Evans get along so well? Sound off in the comments below, and you can catch "Teen Mom OG" on Monday nights on MTV right now. "Teen Mom 2" should be returning with new episodes soon, but the actual return date hasn't been announced yet. It is easy to assume that it will be after this season of "Teen Mom OG" is done airing and that is on right now.