Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay has spoken out about a rumor that she and Bryan Abasolo will get married with other two engaged couples from "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette." There is a rumor going around that three couples will get married in a televised mass marriage special. The rumor started because Kaitlyn Bristowe and JoJo Fletcher are also engaged and might get married soon.

Rachel is the last one who got engaged in Season 13 to Bryan Abasolo. She is the first and only African-American bachelorette. She is not opposed to having her wedding televised, but she says she is definitely not going to share her special day with two other brides.

She told "Entertainment Tonight" that she doesn't plan to have a wedding with multiple people. She added that she loves Kaitlyn and JoJo, but she thinks they would all want their separate day.

Update on Rachel's wedding plans

The 32-year-old attorney agreed to be on Season 13 of "The Bachelorette" because she wanted to find love and get married. Therefore, the Dallas, Texas native is thinking about getting married sometime this year, but she and Bryan have not set a date yet. Rachel says she has never been one to plan a wedding before, but now she has wedding fever and she and Bryan are making plans.

Rachel got engaged to 37-year-old Bryan last August during the finale of "The Bachelorette." Since she first got engaged, she said she was ready to marry the love of her life, and she has not changed her mind.

In fact, Rachel says she is itching to get married. She only knows that it will be in 2018, but she and Bryan have not locked in a date yet. Rachel hasn't started trying on wedding dresses yet, but she declares that will happen soon.

In the United States or Columbia?

Rachel says she and Bryan could get married in her native Dallas or in Columbia where Bryan is from.

It is not out of the question that they could get married on the water in Cartagena so his family can be there. The bride-to-be said if the wedding is not in Columbia, then the pre-wedding parties will be there. The couple is still thinking about when and where they want to celebrate their big day. As of now, the only thing Rachel knows for sure is that she will become Mrs.

Bryan Abasolo before the year is out.

Rachel is not opposed to ABC televising the wedding, but her federal judge father is not too keen on the idea. That will be a big consideration because she wants him to be there. More information about the wedding will be shared as soon as Rachel and Bryan make more decisions about it.