Is "Teen Mom 2" star Briana DeJesus moving on from her relationship with Javi Marroquin to get back together with one of her baby daddies? Briana recently took to her social media to reveal that she was seemingly spending time with one of the men who fathered her children but didn't reveal which one of those men she was referring to.

Briana tweets about having dinner with her baby daddy

"Teen Mom 2" fans went crazy after Briana DeJesus revealed via Twitter that she was having dinner with her baby daddy. Briana tweeted that she was surprised that her baby daddy could cook, and now everyone wants to know what's going on in Bri's life.

As many viewers of the MTV reality series already know, DeJesus has two daughters with two different men. Devoin Austin is the father of Briana's six-year-old daughter Nova, while Luis Hernandez fathered the reality star's six-month-old baby girl, Stella.

Although Briana DeJesus did not reveal which one of the men she was talking about, many "Teen Mom 2" fans believe it could be either one. Briana and Devoin have grown closer over the years, and he often comes to her family's home to spend time with his daughter, Nova, whom Bri doesn't allow to go to his house. Perhaps Devoin tried to do something nice for the DeJesus women and cook them a meal.

However, it doesn't seem that Briana and Devoin will be getting back together. They've been apart for the past six years, and many fans believe they would have already reconciled their relationship if they could.

Is Bri getting back together with Devoin or Luis?

However, Briana's other baby daddy, Luis, is another story. Briana and Luis had planned to move in together before the "Teen Mom 2" star found out that he had been cheating on her.

Briana then called off their relationship, despite the fact that Luis had apologized and revealed to her that he wanted them to get back together. Briana refused Luis' invitation to rekindle their romance, and now the two are the parents of little Stella. However, Luis hasn't been portrayed as a very hands-on father. He's often absent from Stella's life and even left Briana in the middle of the night when Stella was a newborn instead of helping her with the middle of the night feedings.

If there is something going on between Briana DeJesus and one of her baby daddies, it seems that "Teen Mom 2" cameras will likely catch it all and air any juicy footage when the brand new season of the show begins airing later this year. As for Javi Marroquin, it seems that things are over for the couple, but they haven't officially ruled out a reunion in the future.