Ben and Jessa Seewald are happily married with two children. These two seem to be doing great and now Cafe Mom is sharing that it looks like Jessa might be changing her religion a bit to match the way that her husband does things. Everyone has their own views and feelings. Of course, Ben Seewald isn't going to think exactly the same way as his father-in-law Jim Bob Duggar does.

How does Ben feel differently?

A source explained to Radar Online that ben seewald actually his own way of thinking when it comes to religion. That doesn't mean that it is wrong, but that does mean that it is different.

The insider actually shared a few details saying, "Every one of the guys have married into the family have their own way of thinking. Their beliefs aren’t always going to reflect every little ideal Jim Bob and Michelle embrace. There are a few differences in religious thought processes.”

Ben and Jessa are going to live their lives the way they want and also raise their children the way that they want to do it. So far, they have two little boys together. It appears that Ben leans toward Calvinism, which focuses on predestination. In this religion, you believe that everything is planned by God.

Jim-Bob Duggar doesn't feel exactly the same

It turns out that Jim-Bob Duggar actually thinks that there is more free will in what goes on in your day to day life.

He doesn't really feel like everything is exactly planned by God the way that Ben Seewald does.

The insider went on to explain that Ben Seewald is close to the family, but that this difference in religions is causing a few problems. The source said that so far if something comes up they have been able to work through it. Now in the future, you never know if this difference in thoughts will end up causing some big problems for the family.

Jessa and Ben live really close to the family in Arkansas so they are around them all the time. The thing is if they had moved away it might not be near as big of an issue. Jinger and Jeremy are living their own lives off in Laredo, Texas now. It seems like things are going great for them as they just announced their first child is on the way.

Do you feel like Jessa Seewald is changing her religion to match that of her husband Ben now? Do you think that these two will change enough to upset her parents? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Counting On" when it returns to TLC soon. You know that they won't ever let any of this come out on the show.