On Thursday's episode of "General Hospital" Maxie let it slip to her mother-in-law that Nathan is waiting on the results of a DNA test. The shock on Liesl's face spoke volumes, and, on Friday the test results came in while Obrecht was talking to her son and daughter-in-law. Before they could be revealed, Sonny, Jason, and Spinelli showed up announcing that Faison has a son. Obrecht was backed into a corner and Nathan forced her to reveal that Cesar is his biological dad. Later, Sonny and company come to the conclusion that Detective West is not the man they are looking for and decide that the crazed maniac has another son somewhere.

Liesl's secrets come to light

Nathan has been uncertain of his parentage for quite a while after finding out that his aunt Liesl is actually his birth mother. On Thursday her secrets began to unravel when she found out that Maxie used a piece of Valentin's hair to find out if he and her husband are related. Obrecht is backed into a corner when her son says that the test indicates that Victor Cassadine is not his dad. As the trio are discussing the matter they are interrupted by Sonny, Jason, and Spinelli who announce that Faison has a son.

Obrecht is outraged and asks how these men found out. Maxie looks clueless but Nathan figures it all out and tells his pregnant spouse that the child she is carrying will have the evil genius as his or her grandfather.

Sonny, Spinelli, and Jason decide to leave but later come to the conclusion that Detective West is not the man they are looking for and realize that Faison must have another son.

At this point, Obrecht admits that she was afraid that Cesar would corrupt her son so she hid her pregnancy and then allowed her sister to raise her little boy.

She insists she did everything out of love and says that once his own child is born, Nathan will understand. Nathan tells his mother to leave and she begs for a chance to be in the life of her grandbaby once her son's anger has cooled. Surprisingly, Maxie shows more compassion to Liesl than her own son.

The future is uncertain for Nathan and family

There has been so much talk about Faison that his reappearance in Port Charles is almost certain. Sonny realized Obrecht is keeping in touch with him so she will probably be watched closely and he will do everything to uncover the son whom he believes is the subject of the manuscript that Spinelli decoded. Nathan West's family now has an uncertain future.

In addition to having Liesl for a mother, the detective must now come to terms with Cesar Faison as his Biological Father. There also may be a half-sibling involved if Sonny's hunch is correct. Now that the secret is out, Obrecht may continue to try to contain it and not tell her lover that he has a son. Stay tuned for more episodes of "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM.