There was a lot of talk recently about how Jordyn Duggar looked a bit uncomfortable in her birthday video that the Duggar Family shared on their Facebook page. Caleb Williams, who is rumored to be courting Jana Duggar, was seen in the video and now he is speaking out. There is a Facebook page called Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray and Caleb replied to them.

What did Caleb have to say?

The page made sure to share all about how Jorydn looked uncomfortable. She was standing between her parents while the entire family was singing to her.

Caleb actually responded to a question about it and says that Jordyn is just a "quiet kid." He wants people to know that it isn't like she is being abused or anything like the accusations say. Instead, Jordyn is just shy and doesn't love all of the attention being on her.

Caleb Williams even said that as the video was happening he was afraid that people would think something wrong about it. According to Caleb, that is simply the way that Jordyn acts because she is shy. He shared that she was just fine before they started filming the video and then after that too. Caleb says that she was just shy around the camera and that was all that was going on. He admits that he was really shy as a child as well, so he gets it.

Caleb Williams seems to really care about Jordyn and doesn't want people to make fun of her. It is great to see how he is close to her considering that she could end up being related to him if he is really courting Jana Duggar. It is always easier if the family likes you and they must like Caleb seeing how much he is around.

So is Caleb courting Jana?

Nobody seems to really know if Jana Duggar is courting Caleb Williams or not. These two have not admitted to it, but they also haven't denied it. Anyone else that is linked to Jana has denied that they are courting and is staying quiet about it. The fans are hoping that these two are more than just friends, but it seems like everyone is just going to have to wait for a while to find out the truth.

Maybe it will come out on the new season of "Counting On."

Are you surprised to hear Caleb Williams speaking out about Jordyn Duggar? Do you feel like Caleb is actually courting Jana? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Counting On" when it returns to TLC in the spring. An exact return date hasn't been revealed just that the show will be back again. The fans can't wait for another season of the show.