Prince William debuted a close-shaved haircut at a royal appearance on January 18. The 35-year-old prince made the bold choice to trim back what little hair he has left, rather than have a hair stylist attempt to rearrange his hair in an attempt to hide the obvious.

The Prince has had a receding hairline for years, and his brother and wife have teased him about it publicly according to ABC News. Many of us will remember Prince William having a full head of hair well into his twenties. Alas, the full head of blonde hair didn’t last. In his thirties, while on a Royal Tour of Australia a farmer who was giving William and Catherine a tour of his alpaca farm reported that the Duchess said William should put some of the shaved alpaca hair on his head.

William has also poked fun of himself publicly, which goes to show that he’s got a good sense of humor about himself and has the confidence to embrace the inevitable. Outside the hospital on the occasion of Prince George's birth, he remarked to the press that the baby has "got way more hair than me, thank God!"

Many men choose to rearrange the hair on their head to try to hide the bald spots which one can’t fault them for as it’s a crucial part of one’s outward appearance. Ultimately though the time will come when the hairline challenged must move forward and not go for a hairstyle that can best be described as, “Clinging to Scraps.”

A real prince doesn't need hair

Prince William has the confidence to one day go all the way and shave off his remaining hair, and that would be a great look for him.

It’s a fact of life to be embraced and as many of us know Prince William’s attractiveness lies not in his appearance but in his kindness and compassion for others.

The very day he debuted his new look he was visiting a children’s hospital in London. His visit on the 18th to Evelina London Children’s Hospital, was to celebrate the success of a program in the UK called the Step into Health initiative that helps veterans find work in the NHS (National Health Service).

The Prince was shown around the hospital by veterans who had found work in the NHS due to Step Into Health. He visited with the kids who were receiving treatment at the hospital and their families, demonstrating his famous compassion and desire to learn the stories of the people he meets.

Fully bald for his brother's wedding?

Prince William will have many official royal appearances this year, in addition to the birth of his third child. The big event that’s going to require hours of being on camera is his brother’s wedding in May. It’s not official that Prince William will serve as the best man for his brother Harry, but it’s seen as a sure thing given that Harry was his best man. Based on what he wore to his own wedding a military uniform complete with hat will be the outfit for the day, but it’ll be hate off in the church. William might keep his close-shaved look, or perhaps he’ll debut a bold fully domed look for the day. We’ll all find out by tuning into the Royal Wedding on May 19th.