Amber Portwood has had a rough year. Her relationship with Matt Baier fell apart, and the fallout caused her to have a hard time coping. Because of that, she stopped visiting her daughter regularly and relied on Gary and Kristina Shirley to continue raising Leah while she was digging herself out of a depression. Portwood is now in a new relationship and expecting her second child. “Teen Mom OG” has been documenting this adventure, and tonight, some drama is going down.

Andrew begins filming 'Teen Mom OG'

It has only been a few episodes since Andrew Glennon was introduced to the “Teen Mom OG” audience.

He met Amber Portwood when she was filming “Marriage Boot Camp” with Matt Baier. The two really hit it off, and now, they are expecting their first child together. This has all come out over the last few months. “Teen Mom OG” is several months behind on their shows, so currently the beginning of their relationship is being shown. Last week, Glennon met Portwood's ex-boyfriend, Gary Shirley, and his wife, Kristina. It was an impromptu thing, but it appeared to go over okay.

Of course, what is shown isn't always how things go down. The “Teen Mom OG” stars are watching their story unfold along with the audience. Amber Portwood took to Twitter a little while ago to slam Gary Shirley and his wife for talking badly about her.

She must have seen the episode early as it doesn't air for at least another three hours on MTV. Portwood saw something she didn't like and took her beef to social media. It appears that Amber believes she is the reason Gary and Kristina live like they do and if it wasn't for her, they would be living the poor life. Let that sink in a bit.

Gary responds to Amber's accusations

As if Amber Portwood spouting off wasn't good enough for “Teen Mom OG” fans, Gary Shirley decided to respond to his ex-girlfriend.

While he was being trashed, he came back in a more appropriate fashion. Instead of cursing and accusations, Shirley explained that he is no different from anyone else and saved to buy his dream home where his kids would reside. Of course, that set Amber off even more. The two have been battling on Twitter for a while, and it looks like neither is going to back down.

After all the progress the two made for Leah's sake, this Twitter feud between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley is sad.

“Teen Mom” fans have also stepped in to comment, though it doesn't seem to be helping at all. The episode in question airs tonight, so the reason behind Portwood's outburst will be front and center in a few hours.