Of course, our Golden Girl, Betty White, rocks it at 96. She is the quintessential comedian that continues to defy the odds. Not only has Betty enjoyed 96 birthdays while savoring a bit of vodka, hot dogs, and red vines, she has been provided an abundance of quick wit in television and movies for over 70 years. White’s incredibly lengthy career earned her a spot in the Guinness World record book for the Longest TV Career for an Entertainer (Female) back in 2014.

Always golden

My fondest television memories of Betty White were those of her performance in the "Golden Girls" series.

Always sporting an infectious smile and an off-the-wall sense of humor, White’s naïve character, Rose Nyland, earned adoration and love from fans universally. There is no doubt that Betty could make even the cantankerous viewer smile. Fortunately, Betty and the "Golden Girls" continue to entertain audiences, including newer and younger ones, everywhere with its syndication.

Pieces of Betty

Betty White has spread her comedic talent throughout the years. You can find her in a multitude of television series including, "Hot in Cleveland," "30 Rock," and "The Middle." In addition, White has numerous credited voiceovers in animated favorites such as "Higglytown Heroes," "Pound Puppies," "SpongeBob SquarePants," and "The Lorax" (movie).

White’s talent can be viewed or heard on television and movie screens everywhere, delighting audiences of all ages.

Tweet, tweet

As much as Betty is a celebrated actress, her jovial presence on Twitter is loved by her 1.4 million followers. The hashtag #BettyWhite is currently trending with many fans fearing it is a result of her passing away.

Thankfully, her popularity is merely a result of her celebrating another year. With her positive attitude and focus on enjoying life, I am confident Betty will have several more birthday celebrations to share with the Twittersphere.

What a girl wants

Of course, everyone has a birthday wish or two, and Betty is no exception. The one wish that makes her list every year is to meet Robert Redford.

How the two have not crossed paths in their lifelong existence in Hollywood is beyond reason. I say at 96; Betty White deserves what she wants. Someone needs to holler at Mr. Redford and get these two icons to finally meet.

And many more

How can one not wish Betty many more notable birthdays? For all the laughs, generosity and kindness Ms. White has shared with the world, no one deserves a multitude of birthdays more than Betty White. Happy Birthday, Golden Girl.