The new season of "The Bachelor" recently started airing on ABC. In night one, you might have noticed that people aren't drinking quite as much this season and it turns out there is a reason behind all of that, too. Us Magazine shared the details about what is going on with "The Bachelor" and the fact that they are keeping the alcohol to a limit.

Details about the way things are handled now

Do you remember what went down on "Bachelor in Paradise"? If you do, then you will understand why the rules have changed. It turns out that Warner Brothers implemented new rules on set of Bachelor Nation shows, including limiting alcohol consumption and enforcing more rules about sexual activity.

This is part of why they aren't drinking as much at all.

Arie Luyendyk Jr. shared his thoughts on this and said he didn't even know about the new rules but did notice a bit less alcohol around on the show. Arie was on the show before when he tried to win the heart of Emily Maynard and ended up the runner-up. The only thing he noticed different at all was less alcohol around.

What did a contestant have to say about it all?

Jessica Carroll was on this season of the show but went home after night one. She is actually speaking out about it all, too. She actually said, “there were no girls that were getting drunk." It was a really cold night and she shared that more of them had coffee and hot water because they were cold during filming.

Jessica even said she doesn't remember drinking an entire drink that night.

It really does sound like they have tamed things down a bit and that might be great for the show. It will for sure help it be less about the drama and more about the love story, which is what a lot of the fans do want to see. Jessica also said that they reminded them that everyone would have to stay awake all night, so that might be one more reason they were drinking so much coffee.

Back in July, Chris Harrison tried to say that alcohol had never been a big thing on the show and that people being sloppy drunk doesn't always make for great television. They seem to have figured out a mix that works well this season though, at least so far.

Do you think that it was a good idea that they actually are having a little bit less alcohol around?

Do you feel like they will stick with doing it this way? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelor" when it airs on Monday nights on ABC. It will be great to see if Arie is able to find love.