Reality Steve is speaking out and he feels like he has found out who will be cast as the next guy on "The Bachelor." Steve is sharing on Twitter and is pretty confident he has the answer, but so far ABC isn't saying a word. Steve revealed that he knows that they have changed their mind last minute in the past, but he doesn't see that happening this time around. He is sure the announcement is coming. The finale of "Bachelor In Paradise" is only a couple of weeks away and that could be when they reveal the news.

Who is going to be handing out the roses?

Steve shared that he feels confident sharing that Peter Kraus will be "The Bachelor" and that the news will be released by ABC very soon. He went on to say if you are thinking "Why is he the Bachelor if he couldn't propose to Rachel in that short of time," then you don't' know how the show works. Steve says that Peter is the guy that they have wanted from day one and he doesn't see any reason he won't be the guy cast.

A lot of fans have been wondering about who will be "The Bachelor" and it sounds like they might have their man. Names like Wells Adams and Diggy have even been through around by fans. A lot of the time it is someone from the past season and so Peter fits this perfect.

Dean was someone that a few people wanted until they saw the way that he acted on "Bachelor in Paradise." Nick Viall spoke out and said that he doesn't have plans to do the show again in the future. A lot of people wouldn't want to watch if Nick was the one handing out roses again anyway. Fans have asked for new blood, but they always go back to people who have been on the show before.

When will the big announcement come out?

Reality Steve actually said the announcement will come soon, but Mike Fleiss made it sound that way as well. He went to his Twitter to share and said, "Stand by for shocking news regarding #thebachelor ..." The fans are responding to him and saying that Steve already told them what is going on.

A lot of people are saying they want it to be Peter and others are saying they don't want it to be him. You know that people are going to watch it no matter what, though. The ratings for this show are always good.

Are you shocked to hear that they are planning to cast Peter Kraus as "The Bachelor"? Do you feel like this is the right decision? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Bachelor in Paradise" on Monday nights on ABC. It is very possible that Mike Fleiss might decide to announce it before then.