Amber Portwood has faced major backlash this week. The “Teen Mom OG” episode where she found out she was pregnant aired. Shortly before that, she went on a Twitter rampage and directed some pretty hateful remarks to her ex-boyfriend and the father of her daughter, Gary Shirley. Of course, his wife, Kristina, was also included in the rant. Portwood was upset that they were talking about her and her new relationship with Andrew Glennon.

Hidden issues

While it may look like financially Amber Portwood has everything together, that is not exactly the case.

Keep in mind, the “Teen Mom OG” girls are rumored to get around $25,000 per episode. Even after paying taxes, that is a pretty large sum of money. Portwood was with Matt Baier for a few years, and the two lived largely. They were buying extravagant cars, flipping homes, and traveling. Last season, Amber Portwood joined her co-stars in Puerto Rico.

During the Twitter battle between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley, several fans jumped in to voice their opinions on the situation. This is when things came to light, including tax debt. Radar Online reports that Amber Portwood has tax debt which has resulted in a lien. There is also information that Andrew Glennon has a judgment against him for over $8,000 for taxes.

Aside from all of that, Shirley alleges that Portwood is behind in Child support by almost $10,000. That revelation sent “Teen Mom OG” fans reeling.

Where did the money go?

The biggest question in this situation is where is the money going? Rumors of Amber Portwood being back on drugs circulated across the previous two seasons, but now that she is pregnant, there is almost no possibility that she is using.

It was revealed last season that her ex-boyfriend, Matt Baier, had relapsed. During the “Teen Mom OG” reunion, Portwood admitted that her ex stole $120,000 from her, That was around the time he took off to Las Vegas, and since then, he married someone. Still, if Amber is making $25,000 per episode, being behind on child support for Leah is puzzling.

After the events of this week, Amber Portwood is catching a lot of heat on social media. There are some “Teen Mom OG” fans who think things with Andrew Glennon happened too fast, especially since there is already a baby on the way. If Portwood isn't raising Leah, how is she going to handle a newborn? Some of the comments are incredibly harsh, but Amber Portwood is used to the mudslinging coming her way.