Following the first government shutdown since 2013, Donald Trump has made sure to place the blame on the Democratic Party. As expected, the president has faced much criticism, including from veteran actor Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin on Trump

The government shutdown became a reality at midnight last Friday when Democrats and Republicans in Congress were unable to find common ground and strike a deal on funding. For Republicans, they are standing by Donald Trump and holding out for the Democrats to agree to funding for border security, including the construction of the president's border wall.

As for Democrats, the party is not looking like they are willing to budge on DACA as they look to secure protection for DREAMers. After the government shut down, the former host of "The Apprentice" wasted no time attacking his political rivals and blaming them for the government not being open. Despite this, recent polling shows that more Americans put the blame on Trump and the GOP, mostly due to them having majority-control in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, as well as the White House. Commenting on these issues in a pair of tweets on January 21 was Alec Baldwin, who didn't pull any punches.

Using the offical Twitter account of his non-profit organization on Sunday, Alec Baldwin, who plays a satirical version of Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live," ripped into the president and Congress over the government shutdown.

"The way the government is conducting business right now is one of the reasons Trump won in the first place," Baldwin tweeted out.

Not stopping there, Alec Baldwin compared Donald Trump's first year in the White House to someone invading a home.

"Trump’s presidency is like a home invasion and must be treated as such," he wrote. Baldwin's tweets come just days after using the social media platform to call out Donald Trump Jr. in an open letter to the president's son where the actor referred to his opinions as "worthless."

Next up

Alec Baldwin has been in the political spotlight since being hired by "Saturday Night Live" at the start of the 2016 general election.

Following his first appearance as Donald Trump on the show, "SNL" quickly received rave reviews, despite the increased outrage from the billionaire real estate mogul, who made it a habit at the time to call out the program on Twitter. With "SNL" recently returning from their holiday break, Baldwin is expected to reprise his role as the president in the near future.