Last week on "Sister Wives," maddie Brown Brush shared the news that she is expecting a baby. She already had this little boy, but now she is speaking out about how she feels like being a mom is what she was made to do. This week on the show they announced the big pregnancy news to the family. It was fun and everyone seemed really excited about the news.

What did Maddie have to say about being a mom?

Maddie Brown Brush went to her Instagram page and shared that she loves being a mom. She started out saying, "Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had, and dealing with fears you didn't know existed." Maddie shared that she thinks that she surprised a lot of people when she got married.

Maddie and Caleb were just the perfect match for each other.

She admitted that she was never a maternal person, but now she feels like it was her calling. Maddie Brown Brush feels like she was meant to be a mom. She loves it and seems to be doing a great job with taking care of her little boy. You can easily assume they will have more in the future. She feels like this gives her "meaning" and she hopes someday her son finds his calling that will be the same for him.

Kody Brown wasn't even 50 yet when the baby was born and Robyn became a grandma at the young age of 38. This is pretty young to be grandparents, but they are loving the news. Kody and Janelle already knew about the baby before it was revealed to the family on the show.

With Mykelti married now and Logan and Aspyn both engaged, it sounds like it might not be too long before more grandchildren are born.

What else did they reveal on the show?

The other big news that Maddie and Caleb Brush shared is that they are moving home. They are going to be near the family in Las Vegas so that the baby can have their family there and close.

This is going to make it where they have family nearby and they can finish out school. It sounds like the best decision for them. They waited until Mykelti's wedding to move back home. This means that the couple has been back for around a year in Vegas, but somehow the fans didn't even realize this was going on at all.

Do you think that Maddie and Caleb Brush will have more children soon?

Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Sister Wives" on Sunday nights on TLC. You are going to love getting to see how things have changed with Maddie moving back to Las Vegas and it should make for an interesting rest of the season.