A few hours ago, incredible and impressive summaries of episodes 126, 127, 128, 129, 130, and 131 of "Dragon Ball Super" were revealed thanks to a reliable source called 2CH Forum. This source has released titles that have been amazing, as was the first appearance of Vegito, in Episode 66. However, the titles that we present below are incredible.

Episode 126

Frieza is exhausted after an overwhelming combat against Toppo’s great power. At that moment of desperation, an explosion of rage affects Vegeta.

Episode 127

Something strange is happening to Vegeta after receiving a hard blow from Toppo.

At that moment, Android 17 modifies his energy batteries in order to use them as a massive attack, but this has no effect and his sacrifice is in vain. Incredibly, Frieza feels the loss of the only person who didn’t judge him and attacks Toppo with all his power.

Episode 128

It’s revealed to all the participants of the tournament the wish that Jiren wants to ask the Dragon Balls. After hearing this revelation, the gods are left speechless. Yet despite everything, Goku does not take a step back and activates the Ultra Instinct again. However, this time is different.

Episode 129

With only one minute to go until the end of the tournament, Bills begins to despair because Goku and Vegeta have run out of energy.

When they see that there are no more options left and that there’s nothing more they can do, they ask Shin for help.

Episode 130

Betting on it all, Goku and Vegeta have become Vegito. However, Jiren’s power doesn’t stop growing and a fierce battle begins.

The end

After seeing these summaries, the previews reveal that in Episode 131, Goku will meet Uub after several years have passed since the tournament.

This makes us think that the Universe 7 won the tournament, or that all universes were resurrected. Although it's pretty incredible, some people believe that these titles could be real since the source that revealed them has previously revealed equally striking and truthful titles, like the official summary of Episode 66, in which Vegito appeared.

However, the chances of them being real are few, since there are things that don’t match. Still, if they were, they'd be amazing and the fans for sure would have no complaints about such episodes.

So far this has been the latest news referring to the "DragonBall" world. If there is more, I'll be communicating as soon as possible.

I remind you that Episode 125 will be released on January 28 and you can see it on pages like Crunchyroll.