The history of the small city of Green Bay and the huge event that is the Super Bowl are ironically inseparable. The Green Bay Packers played in and won the first two Super Bowls. The NFL's Super Bowl trophy, the Lombardi trophy, was named after the Packer's coach, Vince Lombardi. Despite this entangled history, the Super Bowl has never been hosted in Green Bay, due to the size of the city.

Green Bay's current draft bid

Green Bay recently submitted bids to host the NFL Draft in 2019, 2020, and 2021. While some consider this a long shot, town officials think the city is more than capable.

The somewhat small city of Philadelphia hosted the past NFL draft and was able to support over a quarter of a million people for the festivities leading up to it.

According to NBC sports, town officials believe that Green Bay could likely accommodate a Philadelphia sized crowd. "We have every bit of space they would need," a town official Brad Toll told the Milwaukee Sentinel.

An eventual Super Bowl bid?

If the home of the Packers really can get the bid and match Philadelphia's size, then there might be some hope for an eventual Super Bowl at Lambeau. Philadelphia, trying to build off of positive reviews and its success with hosting the NFL Draft, is beginning to form a bid for the 2026 Super Bowl.

Along with a Super Bowl bid, Philadelphia is trying to host the All-Star games of America's four major sports leagues (NHL, NFL, NBA, and MLB). They are doing this in an attempt to celebrate America's 250th birthday, as they are a city that is obviously deeply rooted in the creation of America.

But if Green Bay can somehow match the success of Philadelphia's Draft, as they say they can, then perhaps they have a shot.

If Philadelphia does end up hosting the Super Bowl in 2026, Green Bay would have a clear argument for how and why it could host the Big Game.

Suppose it is true that the home of the Packers can host as many people as Philadelphia. Green Bay is entangled with the foundation of the NFL as a league. There is logic behind why the city should get a Super Bowl bid sometime in the distant future.

The problems that could prevent it

But it may not be practical for the NFL to do this. To host the NFL Draft alone, Philadelphia needed nearly 35,000 hotel rooms, according to NBC Sports. The home of the Packers, meanwhile, would only have around 9,000 within their city and surrounding areas. The problem is more about accommodating the fans and players than actually having a venue.

Furthermore the Star Tribune was able to get the document that the NFL made in outlining its specifications for the upcoming Super Bowl in Minneapolis. Some of the NFL's requests are tough to abide by, from free police escorts, to presidential suites at high end hotels, and even 35,000 free parking spaces with 450 courtesy buses and cars.

Green Bay, as historic as it is for the NFL, may never host a Super Bowl due to its size and the NFL demands. Only time will tell, but monitoring the success of the city's Draft bid and Philadelphia's 2026 Super Bowl bid may be good indicators in knowing whether such a historic event could materialize.