When the NFL announced Justin Timberlake as the Super Bowl 52 halftime performer, many were excited. This is a man who has certainly made a name for himself after leaving *NSYNC. He’s constantly moved with the times, shared the music he loves and regularly gets people up on their feet. The halftime show is set to be hot, but there have been so many great performances before him. Here are five he will find hard to beat.

5. Aerosmith, *NSYNC, Britney Spears and co.

Back when boy bands were hot and before Britney went crazy, Aerosmith teamed up with Timberlake’s own band, *NSYNC, Spears and Mary J.

Blige to offer a performance to set the decade on fire. After initially seeing the two bands trade verses on their most iconic songs, Blige and Spears joined them on stage for an epic rendition of “Walk This Way.”

4. A Rolling Stones performance that needed muting

Rolling Stones took to the stage in 2006, with their iconic lips logo for the world to see. While the performance was certainly one to go down in history, what made it great was that they didn’t hold anything back with their lyrics. The NFL had to opt for a 5-second airing delay, so there was chance to mute out some of the more questionable language from the British rockers.

3. Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Who would have thought Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers would work together?

Well, they were certainly in sync for the Super Bowl 48 halftime show. But it wasn’t just their connection that made this performance stand out. Mars opened with an epic drum solo, showing off not just his singing skills but also his other musical talents.

2. Beyonce and Destiny’s Child

Every woman wants to be her and every man wants to be with her.

Beyonce Knowles took to the stage in 2013, but didn’t forget her roots. The band she found fame with, Destiny’s Child, joined her. This may be something Timberlake wants to consider for his halftime performance next month. And of course, they went all out with the dancing, singing and effects.

1. Prince

It will take everything to knock Prince off the top spot.

This is a performance to go down in the history books. The late great didn’t just promote his own music. He got the rights to perform others’ songs, making it all about the music. Prince exceed expectations and threw out the rulebook with style.

Which was your favorite Super Bowl halftime performance? Which one will Justin Timberlake need to take inspiration from to be one of the best?