The tech-horror genre has drawn many people to the odd series because of the plausibility of it.The popular #Netflix series 'Black Mirror' has taken the platform by storm. The tech-horror genre has drawn many people to the odd series because of the plausibility of their concepts. Many people have dubbed it one of the top shows on Netflix just after watching several episodes.

Society isn't very far off from the technological advances portrayed in the show. Actually, some of the scenarios in the episodes have already happened.

#1 'The National Anthem'

Season one of episode one of 'Black Mirror' opens up with the most plausible situation since it doesn't include any technology that hasn't already been invented. In Britain, the Prime Minister is blackmailed into having sexual relations with a pig on live television. Unfortunately, this scenario has happened with a previous UK Prime Minister, David Cameron. A source that attendant college with Cameron revealed that Cameron participated in an initiation ceremony that involved a dead pig at the university. Even though there weren't many specifics given of the situation, it was confirmed that the pig was in the lap of a fellow society member while Cameron 'performed the act.'

Hopefully, getting into the society was worth it, David.

#2 'Nosedive'

This particular episode of 'Black Mirror' integrated a system of rating into everyday life. Using a program of phones similar to Instagram, people posted pictures about their lives and other people rated them. They also rated them after daily interactions. The higher your score, the more popular you were. The program directly correlated with your social class and financial status.

People closer to the highest score of five stars were treated with celebrities.

This concept is not foreign and is very similar to how the world and social media works today. However, China is taking it a step further with the app Zhima Credit. The app collects the data of the user and rates certain actions-- from purchase history, hobbies to even criminal history.

With a higher rating, the user will unlock special deals and privileges, such as renting an apartment without paying a deposit. Users with lower ratings could be penalized by being unable to rent from certain 'high class' places, or even being banned from different forms of travel.

Good luck, China.

#3 'Shut Up And Dance'

Episode 3 of the third season of 'Black Mirror' features another completely plausible situation. The specific plot of this episode also doesn't involve any technological advances that haven't been discovered yet. In this episode, a teenage boy gets a virus on his laptop. The virus allows someone to watch him through his webcam as he does something a picture of a young girl.

A girl much, much younger than him.

The person then gains his phone number and blackmails him into following a series of instructions, all while never revealing himself. However, he comes across others that are also being blackmailed. All along, the different characters are either forced to work together, commit crimes, and even fight as the episode progresses. The perpetrator makes sure they complete the tasks by confirming through pictures and asking for pictures of the other victims, tracking their GPS', and using a live streaming drone to monitor the eventual fight the protagonist endures. At the end of the day, however, it is all in vain, as the unknown perpetrator reveals each men's secret to their families, friends, and coworkers.

All the men did have something in common--infidelity or fetishes involving minors.

#4 'The Waldo Moment'

The Netflix show touched on politics once again in its second season. In episode 3, a popular cartoon bear ends up getting mixed up in politics when he's pushed to run for Parliment.

Yes, a bear.

In this episode of 'Black Mirror,' the concept is that the right-wingers put up a front to gain the trust of the people and evidently their votes as well. Waldo, however, exposes them and becomes a voice of the sorts of the injustice, despite his lack of knowledge in politics.

However, back in 2013 when the episode was released, the episode got mixed reviews for the lack of plausibility of a comedic animated animal running for office.

Now, many people compare Waldo being in office to Trump being in office. A politically inexperienced celebrity that managed to make himself look more trustworthy than the politicians with actual experience.

Nice try Donald, but 'Black Mirror' did it first.

#5 'San Junipero'

This episode is a lot closer to actually happening than we'd think.

In 'San Junipero,' episode 4 of season 3, the plot follows a concept of consciousness being uploaded to a cloud after death. In the cloud, the VR (virtual reality) simulation allows the user to be a younger version of themselves, and live in a town where they can party forever. They can even switch the time periods, from partying in the 2000's to the 70's with ease.

Uploading mind consciousness to a computer is a theme that the show plays within multiple episodes, however, this one is the most likely to happen first because VR has already been established, and research is continually expanding the concept. Some scientists predict that mind-consciousness uploading will be achievable in the year 2045, which is in many of our lifetimes. Combine consciousness uploading with VR and boom-- 'San Junipero.'

Hangovers forever? How fun!

Even though only 5 episodes are listed in this article, all the episodes in 'Black Mirror' are very well likely to come true, if they haven't already. That's what makes the one-hour episodes so alluring. But as for real life, how far will we let technology rule our lives?